How to Save Money on Your Next Disney Cruise

Disney Cruise Line

A Disney Cruise Line vacation can be a magical experience filled with top-notch entertainment, accommodations, food, and destinations. You may easily find yourself already wanting to start planning your next Disney Cruise before you’ve even finished the one you’re on. It may not seem like it, but this is actually the perfect time to take advantage of a special booking program that will allow you to save on a future cruise, even if you aren’t certain on any details yet. Let’s take a look at how you can use onboard booking and placeholders to save on your next Disney Cruise.

Disney Cruise Line

What is Onboard Booking and How Does it Work?

Guests on a Disney Cruise have the opportunity to place a deposit and book a reservation on a future cruise, at a reduced rate. Currently, the rebooking discount is 10% off the reservation price excluding taxes and port fees. For cruises 7 nights or longer, the deposit required is also reduced to 10% of the reservation price, instead of Disney’s usual 20%.

Cruises booked onboard must be within 2 years of your current sailing and cruise dates can be changed during that window. A refund will be processed if a future cruise is not ultimately chosen in that window. There are certain sailings that are not eligible for reduced deposit or the 10% fare discount.

To take advantage of onboard booking, guests can visit the Future Cruise Sales Desk located on each Disney Cruise ship. Crew Members there will assist in choosing a cruise and stateroom as well as processing the deposit. Concierge-level guests may also rebook with concierge team crew members.

Disney Cruise Line

What are Placeholders?

Placeholders are a special type of rebooking reservation guests onboard a Disney Cruise may book for a future cruise when they don’t know the exact sailing they want. Guests put down a $250 deposit that will reserve the onboard booking discount. When the guest has decided on their desired dates, the placeholder is then transferred to that cruise and any remaining deposit due must be paid. Placeholders expire 2 years after the current cruise, and any placeholders not transferred to a cruise in that time will be refunded. If a guest ultimately chooses a sailing beyond the 2-year window, the $250 can still be applied to the balance of the deposit, but will not be eligible for onboard booking benefits.

Disney Cruise Line

How Many Staterooms Can You Book Onboard?

Each household on a Disney Cruise is eligible to book 2 staterooms for a future sailing. The distinction here is that not every person on your reservation will be allowed to rebook a new, separate future reservation. If you have 4 adults in your current party, you’ll only be able to make one onboard booking reservation. Staterooms must be on the same sailing, but all traveling party members do not have to be present at the time of booking. As long as one person from the current sailing is listed as a guest in each stateroom, you are free to add whoever else you wish to the room.

Disney Cruise Line

Can You Still Use a Travel Agent?

Onboard bookings and placeholders are eligible for use with a professional Travel Agent like our friends at Key to the World Travel®. If your current sailing was booked through a Travel Agent, you can notify the crew member at the Future Cruise Sales Desk and they will attach your new booking to your agent. If you did not use a Travel Agent for your current sailing, you can still transfer your onboard booking or placeholder to one as long as it is within 30 days of booking.

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