To Hop or Not to Hop? A Guide to Ticket Options at Walt Disney World

Walt Disney World

So you’ve decided to head down to Walt Disney World for vacation! You’ve determined how long you want to be there, where you want to stay and figured out your “must-do” list. Now you’re at the point where you need to decide on your tickets. You might find yourself a little perplexed at this point when presented with Disney’s ticketing options. Many guests are surprised to find that there isn’t just one type of ticket for access to Walt Disney World’s offerings. There are in fact a few different tickets that, depending on which one you choose, can grant you access to more than just the theme parks or allow you to visit more than one park per day. Let’s take a look at the ticketing options available to Walt Disney World Resort guests, and how each one works.

Base Tickets

The first and most basic ticketing option at Walt Disney World is what’s called a “one park per day” or Base ticket. A Base Ticket is the most uncomplicated and least expensive option available for park entry. This ticket allows a guest entry into only one park, per day of purchase. This means that if you have a one-day Base ticket, you will be able to choose to attend one of either the Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Disney’s Hollywood Studios or Disney’s Animal Kingdom. While you are not allowed to use this ticket to enter another park on the same day, you are allowed to exit and reenter your chosen park at any time throughout the day. This is a great option for guests who would rather spend their full day dedicated to exploring one specific park.

Tickets with Park Hopper Option

Guests wishing to spread their time out a bit more between the parks will want to take advantage of the Park Hopper option. This add-on allows guests to visit any of the four theme parks within the same day. This is a great choice for those wishing to spend their morning at one park, and then the afternoon at another. Or if you’re feeling adventurous, visit all four parks in one day! There is no limit to how many times you hop between parks in your ticket day, so this can also be a great option for guests who don’t like to plan their day ahead of time. Using the Park Hopper, you could just go where your heart takes you and have a truly spontaneous day at the resort.

Ticket with Park Hopper Plus Option

Walt Disney World’s final ticket type is for guests wanting to experience it all. The Park Hopper Plus option has the same theme park access as a standard Park Hopper but with added benefits. This option includes access to a certain number of visits to other Walt Disney World parks and experiences based on the length of your ticket. This is the perfect option for guests wishing to visit one or both of the resort’s water parks, the mini and regular sized golf courses and the ESPN Wide World of Sports complex. The number of visits is based on the length of your ticket purchase and can only be used for one location per day. So if you have a 4-day Park Hopper Plus ticket, you can visit one of the extra locations 4 times during your stay.

Park Hopper Plus Tickets are Valid For:

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