Universal Orlando’s Attraction Assistance Pass

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Traveling to a theme park with a family member that has a disability can sometimes be incredibly stressful. You want to make sure they are comfortable during long wait times and are able to have an enjoyable experience with the rest of the family.

At the Universal Orlando Resort, guests with disabilities are able to apply for an “Attraction Assistance Pass” to make their time at the park as carefree as possible. You can call Guest Services ahead of time to apply for the pass or visit Guest Services inside the park.

*Note: you cannot apply for the pass at any of the Guest Services locations outside of the park. You must visit Guest Relations on the right-hand side immediately after you pass through the turnstiles to enter either Universal Studios Florida or Islands of Adventure.

Here’s how it works:

You can save yourself some time and call ahead to Guest Services. 407-224-4233 They will ask you a few very basic and non-invasive questions. Based on the answers you provide you will be given a reference # to bring to the Guest Services booth inside the park. At that time you will not be required to answer any other questions or provide any other paperwork. The reference number and your photo ID are all that is needed. If you aren’t able to call ahead you will be required to answer some very brief questions at Guest Services when you arrive.

Once you get to Guest Services you will be given an “Attraction Assistance Pass”. I would suggest bringing a plastic ziplock bag to keep it in so it doesn’t get wet while you are in the parks. You will need the pass the entire time you are in the park.

Bring the pass with you to the attraction you wish to ride. You are allowed to use the pass for your entire party, up to 6 guests. So, the pass works for the member of the party with the disability and 5 other members of the group. If the posted wait time is less than 30 minutes, you will be directed to an alternative entrance/queue which is usually the Express Pass line.  If the posted wait time is 30 minutes or more, the attendant will write on the pass what time to return to ride that attraction.  When you return at the designated time, you will then be directed to the alternative entrance or Express Pass line to enter the attraction. 

If you’re traveling during higher crowd seasons we suggest you upgrade to the Express Pass or stay at one of the deluxe hotels at Universal that include Express Pass as part of your hotel package. The Express Pass allows you to enter the attraction in a separate entrance with shorter wait times(think FastPass at Disney). You can learn more about that HERE.

Your pass is valid for 14 days for you to use throughout all 3 parks. After that point you will have to renew at Guest Services or by calling in again to get a new registration number. If you have any questions during your visit guests are encouraged to visit any of the Guest Services locations for help.