Disney Cruise Line Youth Clubs

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The Disney Cruise Line consistently ranks at the top of lists of best cruises for the whole family. Continuing Disney’s legacy of offering entertainment for every age, Disney Cruise Line has some of the best offerings for kids of all ages to have their own nautical adventure and give parents a much-needed break! Of these offerings, the youth clubs included in your cruise are certainly the most impressive and beneficial to vacationing families. Disney Cruise offers clubs for every age group, full of activities and entertainment just for them.

Disney Cruise Line offers four club options for kids of various ages and baby care aboard all of their ships. These clubs consist of the Oceaneer Club, Oceaneer Lab, Vibe, Edge, and the “it’s a small world” Nursery. Operating hours tend to run from 9:00 a.m. to midnight or 1 a.m. (sleeping areas are provided for kids staying past their bedtime and dinner can be provided at parent request). To take part in these clubs, parents will need to register their children at the age-appropriate club on embarkation day. There will be an open house during this time where families can explore the clubs together.

Each child will be given an armband and a Crew Member will go over the process for checking in and out during the cruise. These armbands will contain your child’s information like name, age, and medical info, as well as your stateroom and, will be scanned for checking in and out. These wristbands are the same technology used in Walt Disney World’s MagicBands and give kids club Crew Members the ability to track the child’s location using the band’s RFID chip. This makes picking up your kid a much more streamlined process as there are usually many activities happening at once.

Parents can be contacted by the clubs through the complimentary Wave Phone included in each stateroom or through messages on the Navigator app. Children ages 8 and older can be allowed to check themselves in and out of the clubs with a parent or guardian approval.

Oceaneer Club (Ages 3-12)

The Oceaneer Club is where kids can jump inside the world of favorite movies, play video games, and hang out with favorite Disney friends. The club is designed with a central hub featuring a large LED screen and dance floor/stage. Kids can enjoy group games, dance parties and even visits from characters in this room. From the center area, kids are free to venture into themed rooms featuring interactive elements and activities like flying the Millennium Falcon or romping around with Toy Story toys. The themes of these rooms include films like Star Wars, The Avengers, and Frozen. Rooms vary by ship.

  • Disney Dream: Andy’s Room, Disney Infinity Game Room, Pixie Hollow, Star Wars Millennium Falcon
  • Disney Fantasy: Andy’s Room, Explorer Pod, Monsters Academy, Pixie Hollow
  • Disney Wonder: Andy’s Room, Club Disney Junior, Frozen Adventures, Marvel Superhero Academy
  • Disney Magic: Andy’s Room, Avengers Academy, Mickey Mouse Club, Pixie Hollow

For itineraries stopping at Disney’s private island Castaway Cay, kids club participants can enjoy a day of fun at Scuttle’s Cove. This secluded play area is open from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. and offers kids activities like a treasure hunt and explorative dig. Lunch is served as well. Guests must check-in their child in the same way as on the ship and carry their Wave Phone with them. Please note that the Oceaneer Club onboard the ship will not offer activities during most of Castaway Cay day and will be closed until 4 p.m.

Oceaneer Lab (Ages 3-12)

The Oceaneer Lab is where kids can experiment and explore in a classic-yet-fanciful nautically themed space. The lab features a central room with a light-up floor that branches off to separate rooms offering arts and crafts, interactive games, science experiments, and cooking classes. Kids can captain a virtual cruise or create experimental concoctions with a wacky scientist. The lab is connected to the Oceaneer Club by a secure hallway allowing kids to travel between the two safely and at their leisure.

“it’s a small world” Nursery (Ages 6 month-3 years)

Guests with babies and toddlers have the option to use the Disney Cruise Line’s nursery to care for their small child while they enjoy adult offerings. This brightly colored space is themed after the classic attraction, “it’s a small world” and is adorned with the whimsical art of Disney Legend Mary Blair. Little ones can play with a large assortment of toys, games, books, and crafts. There is also a nap room with cribs and rocking chairs. Meals are provided, but only solid food options are available. Parents will need to provide milk or formula for babies not yet on solid food. Personal items like diapers, extra clothing, and security blankets/stuffies will need to be provided by the parent as well. Reservations must be made in advance and can be arranged online at the Disney Cruise Line site. Reservation windows are as follows:

  • First-Time Cruisers: 75 days in advance
  • Silver Castaway Club: 90 days in advance
  • Gold Castaway Club: 105 days in advance
  • Platinum Castaway Club and Concierge Level Guests: 120 days in advance

Unlike the youth clubs, the use of the nursery requires a separate payment of $9 per hour (minimum 2 hours). Additional children are $8 per hour. Cancellations must be within 4 hours of reservation time to avoid a penalty fee. Modifications to existing reservations can be made on Embarkation Day, depending on availability.

Edge (Ages 11-14)

This is the hot spot for tweens featuring games, computer stations, and dance parties only open to them. This space is made as an open area for tweens to explore and interact with fellow kids while giving them a safe and enjoyable cruise experience. Ample couches and TVs provide a laid back environment that is sure to appeal to all tweens. Depending on the ship, other offerings include video karaoke, game shows, scavenger hunts, and a ship-exclusive social media network.

Vibe (Ages 14-17)

This is a space exclusively for teenagers and features a sophisticated and stylish hangout for them to relax. Kids can host a dance party and show off their DJ prowess by mixing tracks for their friends or enjoy soda, juice, and coffee at the club’s fountain bar. Other activities offered include karaoke, talent shows, dance competitions or just lounging around while watching one of the club’s massive TVs. Teens are free to participate in any activity they choose.

On the Dream and Magic, Vibe guests also have access to a private verandah with lounge chairs, wading pools, and games.

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