Marvel Day at Sea on Disney Cruise Line

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Avengers Assemble! Coming early 2020, Marvel Day at Sea returns with special five-night Caribbean and Bahamian cruises sailing from Miami, giving your entire family opportunities to fully immerse themselves into the Marvel films, animated series, and comics. Every day provides new and exciting activities for everyone in the family to show off their own inner superhero!

Journey into the Mystic Arts with Doctor Strange. Located in the Walt Disney Theatre, you will be transported to the New York Sanctum Santorum with Doctor Strange and learn the fundamentals of the Mystic Arts. After training, your new skills will be put to test to battle against Dark Dimension.

Train in the Marvel Super Hero Academy
Inside Disney’s Oceaneer Club, your beloved superheroes have assembled to teach enlightenment, worthiness, and reliability by taking part in super-agent training sessions, summoning their inner strength, and visiting superheroes such as Spider-Man and Thor.

“Heroes Unite” deck show+
The “Heros Unite” deck show is an exhilarating battle between the Marvel Superheroes and Villains that takes place at night showcasing special effects, spectacular stunts, pyrotechnics, and music.

Adventure off to the Ravagers Night Club
Leave the kids and teenagers behind and visit the Ravagers Night Club. The on-ship night club plays the favorite hits from Awesome Mix Volumes 1 & 2 and you can enjoy cocktails with the luxury of being in an adult-exclusive club. You may even see Gamora and Star-Lord get their groove on!

These are just a few of the exciting activities to encounter while onboard the ship! Take part in a costume celebration by suiting up as your favorite superhero or villains, see how much you know about Marvel in a fun game of family trivia, or even learn how to draw popular superheroes in the Animation Academy.

Source: Disney