“Why do you go to Disney so often?” “Don’t you like to travel to other places?” “There is only so much you can do at Disney.” “I went one time and it wasn’t really my thing.” “What do you do there without your kids?” “Disney is just for kids and I would get bored…”

How many of you have heard any of those phrases or questions from friends, family, co-workers, or just a random busy body that has to give their opinion on your social media posts? I hear it all the time!

For a long time, I stopped posting to Facebook when I traveled just to avoid the critics and their concern for my destination choice. Over time I have taken the “Elsa Approach” and just LET IT GO! I am not ashamed of my love of Disney or my many trips to the parks. You shouldn’t be either! Take a look at the reasons that I will always be that person that is “at Disney again.”

It’s Magic:

Yes, I know I am a woman of a “certain age” that shouldn’t believe in “magic.” It’s frowned upon for an adult to have an imagination or want to believe in fantasy. But, why though? Why can’t we believe in magic? Why can’t we enjoy the moments brilliant Imagineers have created for kids of ALL AGES?

I have seen Cinderella Castle at Magic Kingdom more times than I can count. Every trip I make sure to take many photos of her glimmering and sparkling at night. My last trip we were slowly making our way out of Magic Kingdom before Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party began. To cut out some crowds we decided to walk alongside the castle by the wishing well. We got to the well just as the castle lights were about to turn on. Frozen Holiday Wish began on the castle and I was immediately taken back to that little girl who saw the castle light up for the first time.

I don’t know if it was the company I was with or just the feel of the holidays in the park. But, at that moment, I believed in magic again. I believed that if I closed my eyes and made a wish at that moment… It just might come true. My eyes welled up with tears and I watched that beautiful castle sparkle and shine through my glassy eyes.

It’s Fun:

Real-life isn’t fun. Work, kids, practices, deadlines, relationships… They are draining on your mind and body. You are guaranteed to have a fun time every time you visit a Disney park! If you don’t, you’re not doing it right and need to contact Key to the World Travel ASAP to have them plan your next trip.

I have been to Walt Disney World a lot over the last few years. It’s my job to cover the newest and latest “thing” at the parks. To keep myself from getting burnt out while I am there, I made a plan to try something new every time I go. A new food, new ride, or new experience. You could call it a “Disney Bucket List” that I am chipping away at slowly.

There is always something new to do or see. This past trip is the perfect example of just how fun it can be! I was able to ride the new Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance ride at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Disney is always creating something to inspire you to feel an emotion or reaction. It doesn’t matter how many times I visit, I am always having fun or enjoying the parks.

There is So Much to Do:

Disney has incredible rides, 5-star entertainment, phenomenal experiences, and the best guest service you will find anywhere in the world. The resorts have on-site entertainment for kids and families or you can enjoy a day by the pool with a drink in hand.

Disney Springs offers incredible free live music at night and places like Raglan Road and The Edison have a big party vibe you don’t want to miss!

All four parks are constantly expanding and adding to their offerings. Disney’s Hollywood Studios expanded to add Toy Story Land and then most recently, Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge! Disney’s Animal Kingdom added Pandora and with it brought a whole new land and one of the most incredible ride experiences in the world, Flight of Passage. You haven’t seen anything until you have been to Pandora at night!

The Food:

There are so many options to dine at the Walt Disney World Resort it would take you years to try them all. Every time I visit there is a new dining spot that has either just opened up or is coming soon. Between parks, resorts, and Disney Springs the Walt Disney World Resort has over 427 dining options from snack, quick service, and table service locations.

You have options in every food category too! Disney Springs has an extensive list of dining options. This trip we went by Wine Bar George where you can enjoy one of their 135+ wine options by bottle/glass or their delish “Big Board” that includes 6 artisanal kinds of cheese & meat/condiment options(among many other amazing menu options.)

The parks have great dining options as well! Epcot allows you to authentically eat all around World Showcase. If you happen to be there during one of their amazing festivals you can also enjoy one of the many food kitchens set up around Epcot as well!

You haven’t enjoyed Epcot until you’ve had drinks around the World Showcase. If you’re lucky, you may just meet some new friends at the pub while you’re there! This last trip a friendly couple from New Jersey sat beside my traveling companion. Before long, they became fast friends! You never know what will happen at Disney World, it’s magic.

Take the trip. Take it now. Life is too short and happiness is just a visit to the castle away. Forget what others say, it’s your life and you can spend it being a kid at Disney if you want to!