Details on Super Nintendo World at Universal

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Details are very slow to come in about the expansion of a 4th gate at the Universal Orlando Resort in 2023, but today we have a glimpse of what could be coming to the Nintendo land when it opens.

This morning details were released about Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Japan. The new super land will be mirrored in Orlando when the expansion takes place. Boasting a “Living in a Lifesize Video Game” theme where guests are characters in the game. When the land opens it will include iconic staples from the Super Mario World including The Mushroom King, Peaches Kingdom, Bowsers Castle, and even life-size Mario Cart!

Not only will the land itself be incredibly interactive, but there will also be a new “Power Up Band” debuted that works with an app to “level up” your experience. The band will be linked to an app on your mobile device that offers dozen of park features just like you are playing in a real-life video game. Collect coins, stamps, and power-ups all from your band and app!

You can take a look at the full announcement and hear all about Super Nintendo World by clicking here! The excitement is growing for the new land when it opens at Universal Orlando Resort! Take a look at the new SUPER NINTENDO WORLD™ JAPAN: Galantis ft. Charli XCX – WE ARE BORN TO PLAY (Music Video) released to create excitement for the new land!