Rock the Dots for National Polka Dot Day

Every January 22nd we celebrate National Polka Dot day with our favorite mouse, Minnie! Disney always releases new merchandise as well as hosting #RocktheDots events on social media and in park. This year to celebrate we decided to take a look at some of the best #RocktheDots bounding outfits we could find to bring you inspiration for the big day!

Whether you are celebrating at home or in the park, there is a way to add a little Minnie style polka dot into your wardrobe!

Mommy and me dapper styles like this are always a huge hit! You can twirl in your tule and take epic photos with Mickey and Minnie too!

Don’t forget about baby! It’s so easy to accessorize the little ones. Put them in red or black with polka dots and BAM! Instant Minnie style! Hopefully your child wont look as terrified as this little munchkin.

If you’re not heading to the park you can rock your Minnie style at home or to the office with some subtle additions. A sweater, scarf, headband, or purse will work in a pinch!

Vintage tee’s work as well. Add a cute headband or scrunchie to your outfit and some red lipstick and you have a great twist on a classic look. Add a pair of vintage jeans and you have the perfect hipster look.

If you really want to turn heads you can create an outfit using an oversized sweater. While, we do suggest earing pants of some kind, this is a “pants optional” outfit.

You can get down to business but still rock those dots with a bright blazer and a basic polka dot outfit underneath. It is subtle and distinguished. Throw on a pair of classic shades like this and you are killing that Minnie style look.

Kids get the best clothes! Almost every store from Walmart, Kohls, to Target have Disney lines. You can find something for the little Minnie in your life and have her rock the dots with you!

Don’t forget about Fido! Your furr baby doesn’t want to be left out. Make sure you take advantage of the new Disney Dog line and get your pupper some Mickey or Minnie ears!

We hope you enjoyed this fun little post about how you can rock the dots January 22nd for National Polka Dot Day! If you want to see more posts like this, comment on our Facebook and let us know!