Simba Popcorn Bucket Arrives at Animal Kingdom

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The King has arrived! The animals parted and this morning Rafiki introduced the newest popcorn bucket to the pride. Finally making its way from the Asian Disney parks, this cute Simba popcorn bucket is already flying off the shelves of Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

You can find Simba at most stands that sell popcorn in the park for just $16.99 plus tax. The bucket is in the shape of baby Simba as he was revealed to the world by Rafiki in the famous Lion King movie. This comes the day after Disney’s remake of The Lion King arrived to stream on Disney+.

The back of Simba opens and you can add popcorn through a pull-down tab on his back. Each strap features Simba, Timon, Pumba, and Zazu with the words “Animal Kingdom” printed in brown.

Grab your pride and head to Disney’s Animal Kingdom to get yours before it’s gone!