Walt Disney Company One of the World’s Most Admired Companies

Every year Fortune compiles a list of the World’s Most Admired Companies based on a survey of almost 3,800 executives, directors, and analysts.

Fortune asks survey respondents to rate companies on nine performance criteria. “This year, Apple earned scores in the top 10­—across all industries—on eight of those criteria, and it got the highest scores of any company in any industry in the talent-attraction category.”- Fortune

The Walt Disney Company scored highly in the top 10 in eight categories. “That stellar performance helped The Mouse win the No. 1 ranking in the entertainment industry for the 17th consecutive year. Disney earned the very highest score across all industries for “quality of products and services,” finishing just ahead of Toyota“- Fortune 

Is it a wonder that the Walt Disney Company has been so highly rated? With the addition of new lands like Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, stellar streaming service like Disney+, excellent customer service in parks and guest services, new resort hotels like the beautiful Riviera Resort and Gran Destino Tower, and increasing their Disney Cruise Line fleet with the addition of 3 more ships… It pays to be apart of the Disney brand!