Have you ever heard of a “Disney Bar Crawl?” It’s an adult-only adventure where you get a group together to try the best drinks around the “world.” Your group visits all 4 parks, Disney Springs, and resort hotels working off a list of “must try” drink suggestions from each location. This is a very popular thing to do on an adults-only trip or for locals who want to have a Disney night out.

We decided to take a twist on the “pub crawl” idea and compiled a “snack crawl” for those who want to make their way around all 4 parks one snack at a time! Put on your stretchy pants, and take a look at our picks on the best way to get your snack on while visiting Walt Disney World.

First Stop: Disney’s Animal Kingdom

While it may seem like an odd place to start, Animal Kingdom is our favorite park to visit early in the morning. The animals on the safari are awake and the park isn’t super hot yet. There are lots of yummy things that come around seasonally that you must try, but for those park snacking staples, here’s our list:

Colossal Cinnamon Roll from Kusafiri Bakery – Africa for $7.49 (1 DDP Snack Credit). This is definitely something you can share! The yummy cinnamon roll is in the perfect Mickey shape and has a delish drizzled frosting that will make you want to lick your fingers!

Pongu Lumpia from Pongu Pongu, Pandora – The World of Avatar for $3.29 (1 DDP Snack Credit). This pineapple cream cheese spring roll is dusted with sugar and has a tangy sweetness making it a great snack or even a breakfast treat. Get two for under $5 and you can split them with a friend!

Harambe Fruit Market Flame-Grilled Corn on the Cob– $5.29 (1 DDP Snack Credit) This is corn-on-the-cob like you’ve never had before. The corn is flame-grilled, on-site, butter-dipped and seasoned with curry flavor. The seasoning is the perfect amount of zing to balance the buttery sweetness!

Baked Mac & Cheese, BBQ Pulled Pork, Coleslaw, w/Onions Rings– Flame Tree BBQ  $7.29(1 DDP Snack Credit) The baked macaroni and cheese is better here than other locations around the parks(not sure why) with the pulled pork on top, you can’t go wrong! Add a little coleslaw, onions rings, and barbecue sauce for a flavorful mouthful you don’t want to pass up.

While there are still MANY MORE options at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, we are going to move on to the next stop on our crawl… Hop on a bus or Lyft and let’s go!

Second Stop, Disney’s Hollywood Studios

While Disney’s Hollywood Studios does have a lot of seasonal options, there are just a few “must-have” items you don’t want to miss when you come to the park. There are a couple we have to get every time we visit regardless of the time of day or how hungry we are. Take a look at the next stop on our snack crawl and loosen that belt buckle a little more.

Jack Jack Cookie Num Num- Neighborhood Bakery Municiberg $5.79(1 DDP Snack Credit) I tried this cookie at Pixar Pier when I visited Disney California Adventure and had dreams about when I would be able to try it again! Luckily it finally came to the east coast. This cookie is more than just a cookie. It is almost like a tarte. It’s thick, warm, and full of gooey chocolate chips and chunks that melt in your mouth.

Seasonal Flavor Lunch Box Tarte– Woody’s Lunch Box $4.29(1 DDP Snack Credit) These “Pop Tart’s” are available in different flavors depending on the time of year and season. The rich buttery crust and the abundant filling(seasonal) inside are a hit for me no matter the time of day. The best part, you can mobile order and have it ready by the time you reach the window!

Butterfinger Crunch Cupcake– Trolly Car Cafe $4.29(1 DDP Snack Credit) If you love peanut butter or Butterfinger, this is the treat for you! The cupcake is chocolate cake but the inside is filled with chocolate and vanilla cream. Topped with more chocolate buttercream and then covered in Butterfinger topping. 

Disney’s Hollywood Studios isn’t our favorite snack stop on the crawl but these three are treats we will not pass up when visiting the park. There are of course many other seasonal delights we have to try when they come back(like everything at the Jingle Bell, Jingle BAM Dessert Party). For now, we are going to hop on Disney’s Skyliner and head to Epcot to move on to the next stop in our quest to complete our snack crawl in one day!

Stop Three, Epcot

Epcot is the land of good food! There are actually so many options for snacks that you could have a pretty healthy debate on what is best. There is always a new festival starting and a new “foodie guide” released with seasonal treats we HAVE to try. However, for this crawl we are going to stick to the OG snack treats at the park that have always kept us coming back for more!

Macaron Ice Cream Sandwiches- L’Artisan Des Glaces France Pavilion $4.69 (1 DDP snack credit)  This Macaron Ice Cream Sandwich is around all year in a chocolate ice cream option but right now you can get this strawberry seasonal option for spring/summer at Epcot France’s ice cream shop. It’s creamy, rich, and the perfect treat to walk around the World Showcase cooling off!

Caramel S’more- Karamell-Küche Germany Pavilion $4.49 (1 DDP snack credit) You don’t need a campfire to enjoy this treat! Chocolate surrounds the crackers and caramel is drizzled all over the chocolate cover, plus a generous dollop of it is also in the marshmallow center.

School Bread- Kringla Bakeri Og Kafe Norway Pavilion $4.49 (1 DDP snack credit) This DELICIOUS sweet bread roll is filled with vanilla custard topped with toasted coconut. It reminds me of a very savory Boston Cream Donut!

Green Tea Ice Cream- Katsura Grill Japan Pavilion $4.00 (1 DDP snack credit) When in Japan head to Katsura Grill and order the Green Tea Ice Cream or Green Tea Cheesecake. Both are very good and extremely refreshing on a hot day!

Cinnamon Sugar Cronut- Taste Track $6.00 (1 DDP snack credit) If you like donuts and croissants, we have the treat for you! All year long you can enjoy this light and buttery pastry at Taste Track. Durning different festivals they offer seasonal flavors, but I love the plain cinnamon sugar cronut! It’s big enough to share too!

Epcot has more food then we can possibly mention because they are always having a different festival or event taking place. We are going to hop on the Monorail and head over to our next snack crawl location to finish the night in an epic way!

Stop Four, Magic Kingdom

Magic Kingdom isn’t my favorite place to dine but it is my favorite place to snack! There are more options here than any other park. For time sake we will break down our top snack choices(but there are so many to choose from).

Turkey Leg- Frontierland Cart $11.75 (Not eligible for the DDP) The OG, the classic, the one, and only TURKEY LEG! The snack that eats like a meal. Big enough to share with a group. Depending on how fresh the turkey leg is it can be one of the tastiest treats you will ever put in your mouth. Occasionally we have had ones that have been sitting and get a little dried out…We will generally pass if they look that way.

Dole Whip Aloha Isle $4.99 (1 DDP snack credit) It doesn’t matter how you have your Dole Whip, it’ still the most requested snack at Magic Kingdom. The sweet treat comes in a float form, ice cream, and many other seasonal options. It is the best way to cool off at Magic Kingdom. (It’s also a great boozy treat at other parks/resorts, see our Bar Crawl post coming soon).

Candied Bacon Westward Ho– Frontierland $7.99 (1 DDP snack credit) If you haven’t ever tried the candied bacon from Magic Kingdom, you don’t know what you’re missing. It is a thick cut of sweet and savory bacon that melts in your mouth with every bite.

Giant Mickey Shaped Donut- Starbucks Main St Disney $8.99 and NOT eligible for the DDP. This donut is huge! You can easily share it with several people. Think Krispy Kreme donut but giant size! You can get it in chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla frosting.

Cheshire Cat Tail Cheshire Cafe- Fantasyland $5.99 (1 DDP snack credit). This extra long warm chocolate danish twist is topped with colorful icing made to match the Cheshire Cat. It is very much like a Cronut texture with braided chocolate chips inside.

Fresh Fruit Waffle Sandwich with Chocolate-Hazelnut Spread- Sleepy Hollow $8.29 (NOT eligible for the DDP). Hot and fresh waffle, topped with fresh strawberries and banana, and so much gooey Nutella. It literally can’t be beat. It’s honestly a solid snack or even sweet lunch. Either way you won’t be disappointed.

While there are still many more options to go on for this magical adventure in snacks, we are going to end our crawl here! You can always customize and edit this in any way you want but the most important thing is to remember the stretchy pants or loose-fitting clothing. Also, wear comfortable walking shoes so you can walk off all those calories you just consumed.

*Pro Tip: Take advantage of mobile ordering when at all possible!