Life just got a little better under the sea! We checked into Disney’s Art of Animation Resort this morning and were put in one of the newly renovated Little Mermaid rooms.
The Resort underwent a short refurbishment and they made some big changes.

As you can see here, the full size beds have been swapped out for 2 queen size beds! This means so much more room for larger families. Not only have they gotten bigger beds, but they removed the old ugly carpet and put in new floors as well.

The rooms have had a fresh coat of paint and coffee makers are also being added to the room. The new interactive TVs welcome guests as they enter the room with “Welcome ______ Family” which is a nice touch. The screens also give you daily activities and park hours.

The bathrooms have had some upgrades as well. The are cleaner looking with new art on the walls.

What do you think of the new upgrades to the room? If you’re family is looking to book at trip to Walt Disney World, contact our friends at Key to the World Travel today!

Photos courtesy our friend Billy Parchman, KTTW Travel