How to Get a Top Score in Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin

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Attention Space Rangers, you’ve landed on Planet Z! Be ready for anything. Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin is one of those rides I will always try to get on if the wait time is low. Every time we ride it turns into a competition to see who can get the most points and defeat the evil Emperor Zurg. For a long time, I would hear stories about how people would get huge scores and always wondered how they did it.

Did you know there are ways you can actually “hack the system” and get a higher score? Well, not really hack, but there are special targets that give you a huge boost in points. We tested it out and are about to share our tips with you. (But, don’t tell anyone).

Photo Courtesy Lynette Brown

It took a few times to test this out, but it really does work! Each ride vehicle has a joystick in the center and two blasters. The goal of the game is to hit the “Z” targets throughout the game and earn points. Some of the “Z’s” are worth more than others. It’s tricky to maneuver the joystick and hit your target at the same time. It is MUCH easier if you work with someone to turn the ride vehicle toward the “Z” with the higher point value.

It took me a couple of times to make sure I had my laser beam working and how to see where it reached. Make sure you use the time in the beginning to practice and get your laser lined up perfectly. It can be a little tricky when there are a ton of light beams to find yours. My tip is to keep your finger on the trigger and constantly shooting! You can hit the same target repeatedly, so keep shooting! Now let’s talk about how to get those high scores…

When you first spin around the “Astro Accelorator” you will come into the main room with a big orange/red robot on the left side. The robot’s second(left hand) will give you 100,000 points for every shot! In the same room, you can spin around to hit the claw in at the ceiling on the right. Remember, keep shooting! You can hit it multiple times.

In the next room, you will see a large volcano on the wall. It is on the right side and has a “Z” at the top that gives you 50,000 points for every zap you make! Remember, keep aiming and SHOOT!

After the volcano room, you go to battle Zurg himself! Zurg is on the right side, inside his spaceship. You will see targets all over the ship and around the room. You want to focus on the “Z” all the way to the bottom at the base of the ship. It is right below the word “PITIFUL” and worth 100,000 points every shot! Make sure you shoot before you get to him. It’s really hard to take the shot right in front of him.

The next room doesn’t have any targets but you can still rack up points if you keep shooting. However, in the room with the video of the ship moving on the ceiling you will see small “Z’s” on the ship. Those also rack up additional points. By this time you should have already gotten to 999,999 points and can just shoot for fun.

When you are on the ride take a pic of your score to show to the cast member at the photo spot outside the ride. You will get a “Galactic Hero” button for the high score! **Please keep in mind this has changed a few times. They weren’t offering the buttons one of the times we did this and said they had a lot of space rangers defeating Zurg that day and were out of buttons.

Thanks to all those brilliant agents from Key to the World Travel for trying our hack and sending us photos! It’s really hard to take pics while battling to save the universe!