New Baymax Ride Coming to Tokyo Disneyland

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“Hiro, I will always be with you.” -Baymax

Everyone’s personal care companion is getting his own attraction at Tokyo Disneyland this April! This week images from the attraction were released for the very first time.

On Wednesday, April 15, the largest development area in the history of Tokyo Disneyland will open including the new attraction “Baymax Happy Ride” to be opened in Tomorrowland. This is the first attraction based Baymax.

The attraction takes place with Baymax as your guide. He, just like the attraction, were developed to make Tokyo Disneyland guests “happy and healthy.” With new technology, 22 personal care robots pull ride vehicles through unpredictable movements on an adventure.

We can’t wait to see what this attraction will look like when it opens. Maybe we will see it come to one of the US parks in the future?

Source: Tokyo Disneyland