Josh D’Amaro Shares Flag Raising at Magic Kingdom

Today is April 1st, 2020. For many of us, the first of April means “spring” or “change.” Now, with the state of the world, there are a lot of sad and lonely people hoping for an end to this isolation we all feel.

Walt Disney World President, Josh D’Amaro, has been the leader Walt Disney World needed. He is a man who cares about the Cast Members, the well being of the guests, and is present in the parks every single day. It is not uncommon to see him walking among the crowds inside the park on any given day.

This morning, D’Amaro shared a beautiful video of the flag being raised this morning by Walt Disney World security with the caption:

“While our world looks very different today, one thing endures…the American flag still flies over Walt Disney World. I’m inspired how our Security Cast Members continue to raise it each and every morning at Magic Kingdom while they are on duty protecting the magic. It’s a symbol that we’re still here and will not falter. I hope this inspires you as well. We will be back. Thanks to all our incredible Cast Members who continue to maintain the magic until that day. Until then, please take care of yourselves and your families. We will see you soon.”

“We will be back.”- Josh D’Amaro

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