Hong Kong Disneyland Makes Moves to Reopen

According to the Chinese news service, Hong Kong Disneyland Resort has begun to prepare for reopening. This Wednesday Hong Kong Disneyland reps told Xinhua, a Chinese news service that “in light of the improving COVID-19 pandemic situation in Hong Kong, the park is looking into safely opening.”

The park closed on January 26th and has been closed since. A spokesperson of the theme park said the park will monitor the epidemic situation closely, follow the guidance from the health department, and take epidemic-prevention measures to guarantee the health of visitors and staff upon reopening. “We will later inform the public of the specific reopening date and measures to be taken,” the spokesperson said.

The Hong Kong Ocean Park, another theme park which was forced to close in January due to the epidemic, also announced recently that it was preparing to reopen within a few weeks.

Shanghai Disney opened back on May 11th and as of this week they have already moved on to the next phase of reopening.

Source: Xinhua