Shanghai Disney Brings Shows and Other Entertainment Back

Just a couple weeks ago, Shanghai Disney reopened post Covid-19 after months of closure. During the initial reopening phase on May 11th, the park put in place new measures and procedures including:

  • Opening with limited attendance 
  • Required advanced ticketing and reservations
  • Accommodating social distancing in: Queues, restaurants, ride vehicles, and other facilities throughout the park
  • Implementing increased frequency of sanitization and disinfection
  • All shows & entertainment had temporarily been stopped
  • No fireworks or parades

This morning we found some hopeful news. Just 2 weeks after reopening, the park has begun to reintroduce some shows and entertainment!

So far the following shows are back up and running: Frozen: Sing-Along Celebration, Golden Fairytale Fanfare, Avengers Training Initiative, Club Destin-E, and Eye of the Storm: Captain Jack Stunt Spectacular. Unfortunately, it appears fireworks and parades have not yet been added back to the mix.

Character meet and greets also do not appear with locations or times on the map just yet. But, this is all positive news! The opening of entertainment and shows means we are one step closer to understanding how the process may work in US parks when they reopen. At this time there are no plans to reopen Walt Disney World or Disneyland, but we expect to hear soon!

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