Disney Park Pass System 101

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With Walt Disney World reopening after an extended closure, the resort has unveiled a few new processes that will change how we visit the parks. The most major of these is the implementation of the Disney Park Pass System. This reservation process is now in place for all guests wishing to visit a Walt Disney World theme park. The system will allow Disney to regulate park attendance and adhere to capacity limitations due to the outbreak of COVID-19.

Magic Kingdom Entrance

To enter a Walt Disney World theme park, a park reservation and valid admission for the same park on the same date are now required for each person in your party ages 3 and up. At this time Park Hopping has been suspended, and you will be limited to one park per day. Park reservations are currently available through September 26, 2021, based on your resort stay and ticket eligibility or ticket eligibility window. This means that if you have a package booked and you’d like to make a park reservation for a different day than what is included in your package, you’ll need to modify the package dates. If you have a room-only reservation, you’ll need to purchase tickets before you can reserve your parks.

Disney Park Pass System

To prepare for using the Disney Park Pass System, you’ll need to make sure you have a My Disney Experience account and link your tickets or package to your profile. Once your tickets or package are linked to your account, you will be ready to book your parks. At this time, reservations for the Disney Park Pass System are only available through the My Disney Experience website, and not the mobile app, so make sure you’re logged into a browser before starting the process.

Disney Park Pass

When you are ready to start booking, you’ll need to create your party from your Family and Friends list. All guests who will be included in your party must be linked to your account, and also have the same ticketing media. You can select “Add a Guest” to include anyone not currently listed.

The Disney Park Pass System only allows you to make a reservation for your party if everyone has the same tickets or type of annual passes. If some members of your party have tickets, and some have annual passes, you’ll have to make the reservations separately. If you are staying in a Disney Resort or other select hotel with a package that includes tickets, everyone in your party must also have a hotel reservation. If this varies, you will need to make separate Disney Park Pass reservations.

Disney Park Pass

Once you’ve created your party, you’ll then be asked to choose your date and park. You’ll be presented with a calendar where you can pick your date.

Disney Park Pass

After choosing your date, you’ll then see the available parks listed along with the operating hours for those dates. If any parks are unavailable, they will be greyed out, and you won’t be able to choose them.

Disney Park Pass

Finally, you will need to confirm a time that you will be visiting the selected park. Currently, the system lists the park’s entire operating hours as your window of arrival. This may change to available shifts if demand dictates more control of crowd flow.

Disney Park Pass

Once chosen, you are then given a chance to review and confirm your reservation. Take this time to carefully review your choice and make any needed changes by using the “Back” button. Before confirming, you’ll need to agree to the Terms & Conditions, including Disney’s COVID-19 liability waiver. Then, select “Confirm” to complete your park reservation.

Your park reservation is now complete. Your reservations will now appear in the “My Plans” section of the My Disney Experience website and app. If you’d like to reserve another park pass, select “Make Another Reservation” from the menu. If you have a multi-day ticket, you will be required to make a park reservation for each date of your visit. Park passes can be canceled by clicking on your daily itinerary in “My Plans”, then selecting “Reservation Details”.

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