SeaWorld Orlando has a rich history of entertainment and education in Central Florida. Opening its gates in 1973, just two years after Walt Disney World debuted, the park has wowed guests over the years with its mix of thrill rides and marine exhibits. From some of the fastest coasters around to exciting animal encounters, there’s so much to see and do at SeaWorld. Luckily we have you covered with our guide to the park!

SeaWorld Orlando

While you may think all of what SeaWorld Orlando has to offer can be done in a day, you may want to consider a multi-day visit. SeaWorld Orlando is a massive park spanning over 200 acres. The park is divided into sections or “seas” as SeaWorld refers to them, in addition to a kids area based on Sesame Street. Each “sea” has unique theming and attractions.

  • Sea of Shallows: This area holds all of the shallow water animal exhibits
  • Sea of Legends: Based around the lost city of Atlantis
  • Sea of Ice: This section is themed around the continent of Antarctica
  • Sea of Delight: Contains recreated waterfront Mediterranean town
  • Sea of Mystery: This area holds the Shark Encounter exhibit and Shark Wreck Reef
  • Sea of Power: This section contains the Shamu Stadium and Wild Arctic pavilion
  • Sesame Street Land: Kids area with water play area and junior rollercoaster

Rides and Attractions

  • Infinity Falls: River rapids ride featuring the world’s tallest drop for a ride of that kind. Guests must be at least 42″ to ride
  • Mako: The tallest and fastest rollercoaster in Central Florida this coaster travels up to 73 mph. Guests must be at least 54″ to ride
  • Kraken: Floorless coaster themed around the mythical sea creature. Guests must be at least 54″ to ride
  • Manta: A flying coaster that hangs guests below the tracks. Guests must be at least 54″ to ride
  • Turtle Trek: Indoor and outdoor exhibit with 360° theater show showing the journey of a sea turtle
  • Sea Carousel: Classic merry-go-round featuring whimsical sea creatures
SeaWorld Orlando
  • Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin: A motion-based trackless dark ride featuring live penguin and alcid exhibits.
  • Journey to Atlantis: A hybrid of dark water ride and rollercoaster takes guests through the mythical city of Atlantis. Guests must be at least 42″ to ride
  • Flamingo Paddle Boats: Two person paddle boats that travel around the park’s central water area. An additional fee of $6 per person for a 20-minute ride is required
  • Sky Tower: Travel 400 feet into the air for an amazing view of the Orlando area
  • Wild Arctic: Flight simulator takes you on a helicopter ride through the frozen north. Guests must be at least 42″ to ride
SeaWorld Orlando

Sesame Street Land

  • Abby’s Flower Tower: Get a fairy’s eye view of Sesame Street Land from inside giant flower pots as they rise above the trees. Guests must be at least 42″ to ride
  • Cookie Drop: An up and down bouncing attraction celebrating Cookie Monster’s favorite treat. Guests must be at least 42″ to ride
  • Elmo’s Choo Choo Train: Elmo leads you on an interactive train ride full of bells and horns as you search for butterflies and caterpillars. Guests must be at least 36″ to ride
  • Slimey’s Slider: This swoop and swivel ride lets you hop in a boat made just for Oscar the Grouch’s pet worm Slimey to tour his beloved compost collection. Guests must be at least 42″ to ride
  • Super Grover’s Box Car Derby: Family-friendly rollercoaster with various minor hills and dips. Great for a child’s first coaster. Guests must be at least 38″ to ride
  • Big Bird’s Twirl ‘N’ Whirl: Spinning teacup ride where you sit inside bird’s nests as you twirl around the big yellow bird himself. Guests must be at least 36″ to ride
  • Rosita’s Harmony Hills: Interactive musical play area featuring drums and instruments for kids to make their own music.
  • Rubber Duckie Water Works: Water play area with fountains and interactive features.
SeaWorld Orlando

Animal Experiences

  • Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin (Habitat): Explore the frosty habitats of five species of penguins.
  • Dine With Orcas: Enjoy a meal right next to killer whales and get an up-close view of the orcas after your meal. Not included in park admission.
  • Dolphin Cove: See bottlenose dolphins play from above and below the water
  • Dolphin Nursery: Bottlenose dolphin mothers and babies can be viewed here as they prepare their young to join the pod
  • Jewel of the Sea Aquarium: This aquarium features colorful and luminescent sea creatures presented in a beautiful setting
  • Manatee Rehabilitation Area: Guests can see recovering manatees and learn about SeaWorld’s animal rehabilitation efforts
SeaWorld Orlando
  • Manta Aquarium: 360-degree pop-up aquarium with 10 unique, naturalistic areas inhabited by more than 3,000 marine animals
  • Orca Underwater Viewing: Up-close underwater viewing area for the park’s killer whales
  • Pacific Point Reserve: See harbor seals and sea lions play in this area. There are also interactive feeding opportunities available
  • Pelican Preserve: Home to many rehabilitated brown and white pelicans this area also teaches guests how they can help the birds avoid injuries
  • Shark Encounter: Impressive aquarium featuring one of the world’s largest underwater viewing tunnels giving a great view of these predators
  • Wild Arctic (Habitat): Viewing area showcasing walruses and beluga whales
  • Stingray Lagoon: View and touch more than 120 stingrays in this interactive area
SeaWorld Orlando


  • Orca Encounter: One of SeaWorld’s most popular presentations showcases the magnificent killer whales. This show offers splash-filled entertainment as well as education as the orca’s handlers teach you about the whales and show off some of their playtime skills.
  • Dolphin Days: Learn more about the ocean’s most playful inhabitants, the Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphin at this show. As the dolphins perform the acrobatic tricks they’re known for, the handlers educate guests on the relationship they have with these incredibly smart creatures.
  • Sea Lion High: The New Class: This comedic show features sea lions Clyde and Seamore as they attempt to get their diplomas at Sea Lion High. Yes, the concept is a bit weird, but the audience participation and antics of the show’s animals make it a fun experience.
SeaWorld Orlando


Guests visiting SeaWorld Orlando can get an even closer look at some of the park’s inhabitants with a number of separately ticketed tours. These tours include interactive and hands-on encounters, dining experiences, private VIP tours, and even a chance to join an animal rescue. These experiences are not included in park admission and require a separate fee that varies by experience and day reserved. Advanced reservations must be made and can be done so through the SeaWorld Orlando website or your Travel Advisor.

  • Dolphin Encounter: See how SeaWorld cares for their dolphins and participate in a training session. Guests can then touch and feed a dolphin.
  • Behind-The-Scenes Tour: Get a look behind the scenes of the park with this exclusive guided walking tour. Guests can interact with sharks, penguins, and more.
  • Beluga Whales Up-Close Tour: Interact with beluga whales in the park’s backstage habitat. Guests can then participate in a hands-on care and training session with the whales’ keepers.
  • Dolphins Up-Close Tour: Meet with and feed playful dolphins and find out what it takes to be a SeaWorld dolphin care specialist.
  • Family Adventure Tour: Enjoy private playtime with young dolphins and their moms at Dolphin Nursery followed by an interactive visit with warm-weather penguins. The tour finishes with a visit to Sesame Street Land.
SeaWorld Orlando
  • Killer Whale Up-Close Tour: One-on-one interactions with the park’s killer whales including feeding, training, and a photo.
  • Penguin Encounter: Go behind the scenes to SeaWorld’s Avian Research Center and meet one of their warm-weather penguins.
  • Penguins Up-Close Tour: 45-minute walking tour of Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin. Includes penguin meet and interaction.
  • Private VIP Tour: A guided, private group tour including front-of-line access to rides, VIP seating at signature shows, animal interactions, and more. Can be reserved for up to 8 hours
  • SeaWorld Rescue Experience: 4-hour hands-on program allowing guests to join the SeaWorld Rescue Team to help learn, feed, and care for a wide variety of rescued animals.
  • Sea Lions Up-Close Tour: Hour-long tour with interactive sea lion meet and greet.
  • Sharks Up-Close Tour: Touch a small shark, feed several species in the shark shallows, and find out more about these oceanic predators.
  • Walrus Up-Close Tour: Venture into the walrus family’s backstage habitat and learn what it takes to care for and feed them.

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Photos Courtesy SeaWorld