Ample Hills Creamery Permanently Closed at Disney’s Boardwalk Resort

We have sad news! It has been confirmed that Ample Hills Creamery, the favorite ice cream spot at Disney’s Boardwalk Resort, has closed its doors for good.

Back in March when the pandemic hit, many small businesses took a huge financial hit. Ample Hills was one of these businesses. Just last month they officially announced they were filing for bankruptcy after not being able to recover post coronavirus.

Schmitt Industries announced earlier this month that it had completed its acquisition of Ample Hills and planned to begin reopening some locations.  However, those plans don’t include the shop at Disney’s Boardwalk or the planned location at Disney Springs.

“Our agreement with Ample Hills Creamery ended earlier this year,” according to a statement from Disney. “As a result, Ample Hills will close at Disney’s BoardWalk and the proposed Ample Hills location at Disney Springs will not open later this year.” -Disney

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