Park Packing List Post Pandemic

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Universal Orlando Resort has been successfully reopened for a few weeks and very soon Walt Disney World will be reopening to the public as well. Since we’re living in the COVID-19 era, it is important to make some adjustments to your packing list for your theme park stays.

Face Coverings

Both Universal and Walt Disney World will require that all guests wear face coverings in the parks. Both Florida and California are hot for most of the year so it is important to take that into consideration when you visit the parks as well.

We have tried every style that is on the market over the last few weeks while visiting Universal Orlando. The best ones we found are these affordable disposable masks. They were light, the elastic didn’t hurt our ears, and we didn’t have to worry about them getting dirty. You can find them here.

There are many things to take into consideration:

  • Will the mask provide enough protection for myself and others?
  • Does it fit properly? You don’t want to get there and realize it is too big or too small. Pulling at your ears all day creates sores you dont’ want to have to deal with. Especially for children.
  • Are you able to take deep breaths without having the material make you feel restricted?
  • Do you have enough masks for every day of your trip? When you are reusing cloth masks you need to take into consideration sweat and food spills.

*Everyone over the age of 2 is required to wear a mask at the parks. This is non-negotiable and for your health and safety as well as the other people working and visiting the parks. If you are not able to wear a mask, please refrain from visiting the parks at this time.

Cleaning Wipes

If you are traveling via plane, UBER/Lyft, bus or any other type of public transportation it is important to bring some type of wipes to clean surfaces you may be touching for prolonged periods of time. We found these alcohol-free wipes that kill 99.9% of all bacteria! You can get them here.

Credit/Debit Cards/Apple Pay

While it is not prohibited to use cash while you are in the parks, it is requested that you use cashless payment methods whenever possible. Apple Pay is also an option at some locations. This will reduce the passing of germs back and forth from Cast Members/Staff and the guests.

Hand Sanitizer

Washing your hands is the best defense against germs, however, it is also necessary to bring hand sanitizer with you to use when there may not be a sink available to you. Staff and Cast Members will be increasing sanitization of high touch surfaces throughout the parks, and additional sanitizer locations will be throughout the parks as well. Still, you will likely need to keep a small bottle with you at all times.

We found these “Germ Buster” travel sizes on Amazon! You can get them here.


Whether you are in Florida or California you want to make sure you are protecting your skin. Another new thing to take into consideration is tan lines from masks. You want to make sure you bring a large bottle to use in the room before you leave as well as a small bottle to reapply throughout the day.

Water Bottles

The heat while walking around in the parks is unbearable at times. it is important to stay hydrated. There will not be water fountains in use while you are visiting the parks due to sanitation concerns. Bring your own water bottle to refill on your own or consider having to purchase water while in the parks.

Take a look at our suggested Packing Planner for you vacation before you go. You can also download a printable version here:

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