Carousel of Progress Has Reopened at Magic Kingdom

carousel of progress

There is some good news for those fans of the classic Tomorrowland attraction, Carousel of Progress! It has once again reopened after a few days of an unexpected shutdown.

The wait time for the attraction hasn’t been over 10 mins since it has reopened. This is one of our favorite places to cool off in Tomorrowland when we can’t take the Florida heat any longer.

To celebrate the reopening take a look at some facts about the Carousel of Progress you may not have known!

1-There are 4 different key scenes and eras:

  • Valentine’s Day at the turn of the 20th century
  • The 4th of July during the 1920s
  • Halloween during the 1940s
  • Christmas in the 21st century

2- There are actually four different hidden Mickeys in the final scene, the Christmas scene. You will notice a Mickey nutcracker on the mantel over the fireplace. There is also a white Mickey peppermill in the kitchen. You will also notice a painting on the dining room wall that looks like Mickey. Lastly, and probably most obviously, there is a plush Mickey within the presents.

3-The voice of the father and main character in the attraction is voiced by Jean Shepherd. He is the same actor who voiced the favorite Christmas movie, “A Christmas Story.” You will definitely be able to tell it is the same person if you are a fan of the movie!

4 – The attraction duration is just over 20 minutes and is slow-moving, so anyone can ride.

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Photo: Courtesy Disney