Gold Key Adventurers Society Podcast: Taking Your Disney Trip to the Next Level

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Listen, do you want to know a secret? Do you promise not to tell? The Gold Key Adventurers Society has a list of their favorite tips to help you take your visit to the Disney theme parks to the next level. Plus travel news, including New Yorkers in Florida, fake Asian vacations, and the Mel Brooks Tower of Terror that should have been. Ditch your Birnbaum’s guide and strap on your fanny pack, it’s time to hit the trail with the Gold Key Adventurers Society!

We’ll be celebrating one year of The Gold Key Adventurers Society podcast on Tuesday, August 18, and we need your help! We’d like to hear from our fans and fellow adventurers, so we’re going to talk about… whatever you want to talk about- it’s time for a GKAS Ask Me Anything. Want to know Jess’s favorite ghost out of the 999 happy haunts at the Haunted Mansion? Dan’s favorite weird roadside attraction? Heather’s favorite place for fancy cheese and wine in France, or how Jeff captures amazing pictures of just about anything? Maybe you need some ideas for planning an amazing trip to a theme park or want to share your own awesome travel tips. We’ve got about a million ways that you can contact us, so it’s super easy to submit your questions. You can send contact us via our social media, email to [email protected], send a voicemail to (616)378-6149, or use the contact form on our website, Get your submissions in by August 14-we can’t wait to chat with you on our anniversary show!

You can subscribe to the Gold Key Adventurers Society on iTunesSpotifyPodbean or your favorite podcast app. Remember, life is short and the world is wide. So go have an adventure!

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