There is a New Baby Giraffe at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

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There is a new bundle of joy at Disney’s Animal Kingdom! Just this week a new baby Masai giraffe was born to mama Mara! This little girl was 156lbs at birth and is doing very well with mom!

She is healthy, actively nursing and was strong and feisty during her neonatal exam. This little girl, yet-to-be-named, is already showing she has a close bond with her mom Mara. The pair will continue to stay backstage until baby meets all her developmental milestones. Disney expects her to join the herd on the savanna in the coming weeks.

This baby’s spirited personality runs in the family. And you may recall seeing her mom Mara before. She made headlines in January 2019 when she gave birth to her first calf Jabari on Harambe Wildlife Reserve within the Kilimanjaro Safaris.

This birth marks the second successful pairing of Mara and the calf’s dad George through the Species Survival Plan (SSP), which ensures the responsible breeding of endangered species.