Why Home Viewing Mulan for $30 is Worth Every Penny

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Today Mulan is available to watch on Disney+! Back in August, Disney announced that they would be releasing Mulan directly to Disney+ versus theaters. This came as no shock due to the current pandemic. What did come as a shock to some is the one time $30 fee associated with the release.

In addition to the regular streaming service fee you will have to pay an additional $30 fee to own the movie. There are lots of people outraged by the price tag, however, this is why we think the $30 is a steal!

You are actually SAVING money:

Going to the theater these days is costly! Last time we went as a family to the theater is cost us roughly $13/person just for the tickets alone. There are five of us so just our admission was around $65. We also purchased 2 buckets of popcorn and a few drinks, another $45. Then, of course, someone had to get over priced candy…another $12-20!

Staying at home you have the luxury of seeing a theatrical release in your home for just $30. In my case, saving us almost $100!

Mulan Disney+

You can watch it as many times as you like:

The genius of this Disney+ release is that you now own the movie! You can watch it over and over and never have to pay for it again. As long as you keep your Disney+ subscription active, you are able to rewatch Mulan whenever you want. If you are one of those people who views a film multiple times in the theater, this is saving you even more!

You are keeping yourself, and your family, safe:

Theaters all over the country are slow to reopen due to the global pandemic. There are also not enough films being released to sustain regular theater hours. Most theater companies are also concerned that customers won’t feel safe coming out to watch a film right now.

You can skip the previews:

I personally love watching the 20 mins of previews that come before a film, but if you’re like my kids, you will be happy to get right into the movie. When you’re viewing at home you have the opportunity to create the perfect family movie night and get right into the film!

You don’t have to pay $30 to watch Mulan, you can watch it for free in December when it releases to the normal viewing on Disney+. BUT, having the option to view a theatrical release in my own home, is a brilliant way to still get my Disney movie fix without the worry of sitting in a COVID filled movie theater.

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