The Mandalorian Reveals Baby Yoda’s Name and Backstory

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**Spoiler Alert***

Thanksgiving has barely passed and the gifts have already started! Fans of “Baby Yoda” on the Mandalorian were in for a treat on the post-turkey day episode!

The Mandalorian
revealed some key information about The Child that answered some major fan questions.

First, we learned The Child’s name is Grogu. Pronounced “grow goo.” Let’s all sit with that for a moment. *That doesn’t mean we have to stop calling him Baby Yoda!

Second, we learned that The Child used to live on Coruscant and was trained by “many masters” at the Jedi Temple, then was hidden when the Empire came to power. This means it’s quite likely Yoda and Baby Yoda crossed paths.

Ahsoka Tano (Rosario Dawson) explained that Grogu’s memory then became “dark” and he was alone. She ultimately declines to train Grogu because there’s anger in him after years of hiding his abilities in exile.

Tano suggested Mando (Pedro Pascal) take Grogu to the planet Tython where there’s a Jedi Temple. She said to place Grogu on a seeing stone on top of the mountain and “there’s a chance a Jedi might come searching for him,” while noting there are not many left.