Things to Do While Waiting in Line at Walt Disney World

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Lines are an inevitable part of a theme park vacation. Even before the big changes that have come with Walt Disney World’s reopening, having to spend at least a minor amount of time waiting in line for an attraction or show has been something every visitor to the resort has had to deal with. And while crowds are currently considerably lower than they have been in decades causing shorter wait times, the temporary pause on the use of FastPasses means that you’ll need to spend a bit of time in line for any attraction you wish to experience. Waiting in line doesn’t have to be a boring chore that takes the momentum out of your vacation though, and we’ve got some great ways to pass the time and turn your line time into a fun experience for the whole family!

Hidden Mickeys Book

Search for Hidden Mickeys

One of Disney Imagineers’ favorite things to include throughout the parks is Hidden Mickeys. These are the three-circle shapes that when formed together create the iconic symbol for the mouse that started it all Hidden Mickeys can be found almost anywhere in a Disney park, resort, and even Disney Springs. A great way to pass the time in line is to make a game out of searching for these hidden Easter Eggs throughout the attraction queues. If you need a little help, Disney has an official guide to The Hidden Mickeys of Walt Disney World that contains every appearance of the symbol in the resort. If you want a bit of a challenge, you can try finding them with the provided hints. There are also more specific clues to help you out even more if you’re still having problems finding them.

Review Your Photos

There’s so much to experience at Walt Disney World, it may seem like a blur until you take a look at the photos you’ve taken. Take the time you have to pause while in line to review the photos you’ve already take during your trip. This can help you find some of your favorite shots to share online, or help you take a moment to stop and really enjoy the experiences you’ve already had. If you’ve used the Disney Photopass photographers or been on an attraction with on-ride photos, you can usually find those pictures on the My Disney Experience app not long after they were taken.

Play Disney Parks App Screen

Use The Play Disney Parks App

The Play Disney Parks app is free and available for iPhone and Android and features new ways to explore and enjoy your Walt Disney World visit. The app offers games, music, achievements, and interactive elements to not only add a new dimension to your experience but also help pass the time while waiting in line. Guests can play a variety of ride themed games and earn special achievements while waiting at some of the biggest attractions. These achievements also extend to the attraction itself as there are special accolades just for riding certain rides. You can even use the app to interact with Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge and translate some of the Arubesh language found throughout the land.

Disney Mobile Ordering

Plan (and Order) Your Next Meal

A great way to spend your time in line is preparing for the next step in your day. Walt Disney World’s My Disney Experience mobile app allows you to reserve Table Service dining right from your phone as well as order food from a Quick Service location. If you find yourself standing in line right before lunch with no plans already made, this would be a perfect time to review the app for any Table Service availability. If a fast bite to eat is more your style, then you can use the app’s Mobile Ordering service to create your order right from your phone. You don’t have to be at the restaurant to place your order, so you can spend your time in line putting everything together, and then notify the restaurant after you’ve left the attraction and are ready to eat!

My Disney Experience Mobile App

Plan Your Next Attraction

The My Disney Experience app is also an invaluable tool for many other aspects of your vacation. One of the most useful in your park visit is the ability to track wait times and showtimes for attractions. While you’re waiting in line for your current ride, take a moment, and review the current wait times for other attractions in the park. Not only can this help you decide on your next move, but it can also help you track how a ride is processing guests throughout the day allowing you to determine when the best time to ride might be.

Seven Dwarfs Mine Train

Play Disney Themed Games

If you’ve got kids, then you know it’s a struggle to entertain them while standing in a line. You can easily turn your boring wait into a Disney game for the whole family with a few tweaks to some classic games. Have one member of your family pick a Disney character while the rest ask them “20 Disney Questions” or you can play a round of “Disney I Spy” using the elaborately themed queues and lands.

Walt Disney World Cinderella Castle

Review Your Park Map or MDE

A good thing to do while waiting in line is to get better acquainted with Walt Disney World. An easy and handy way to do that is by checking out the paper park map, or even better, the My Disney Experience app. We mentioned before that this app is a great way to check attraction wait times as well as review photos and reserve dining, but that’s really only the tip of the iceberg as to what this app can do. The My Disney Experience app helps you track all of your reservations as well as allow you to check out resort-wide maps, restaurant menus, park hours, and even some fun videos about the resort. Taking a few minutes to peruse the app will help you maneuver the resort better and streamline your vacation.

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