Hall of Presidents Temporarily Closed as President Biden is Added

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The Hall of Presidents “is currently closed for refurbishment” at Magic Kingdom theme park, according to the Walt Disney World official website.

It is typical to close the attraction to add the incoming president. The closure just happens to coincides with Inauguration Day for Joe Biden and the last day of the presidency for Donald Trump. In January 2017, the hall was closed to add Trump. It reopened in December of that year with upgrades in its sound, light and projection packages, some enhancement in the lobby, along with the Trump figure, which recited the oath of office and additional words about the spirit of the American people and the U.S. Constitution. The president recorded the script earlier in the year.

The latest version of Hall of Presidents includes a widescreen film called “The Idea of a President.” Although the hall has had different formats in the past 50 years, it has included animatronic figures of each elected leader, building up to a roll call and subtle acknowledgment — a wave, a nod — from each. Every sitting president since Bill Clinton has had a speaking part.