Loungefly Releases Sneak Peek of New Valentines Day Collection

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Love is in the air! A whole new collection of Disney ears and bags are coming from Loungefly later this week. We have very little information about where you will be able to get your hands on it, but stay tuned because we will update this post and our Instagram as soon as we find out!

The first part of the collection we are fawning over are the ears! These beauties are just exquisite! The signature(Loungefly ears) black leather band, embroidered with “Loungefly” in sliver to match the silver hearts on the white ears. The front has a simply animated Mickey and Minnie nose-to-nose with a bright red bow behind. To add a touch more of detail the inside of the band is lined with bright red to match the details in the bows!

In addition to the ears, there is a playful new wallet that matches the simplistic design of the lovebird mouse duo. White on the exterior, the inside is the traditional red/black you would see on Mickey and Minnies wardrobe.

There is also a new sling bag that will likely sell out immediatly! This gorgeous hip-worn purse has a gold chain with red/black leather shoulder rest. The romantic-red purse has Mickey and Minnies hands to create a heart.

Minnie is featured exclusivly on the next collection launching! This whole line is pink and red polka-dot with gold accents. The first purse has random Minnie polka-dots throughout the whole design and the adjustable straps have a gold Minnie, featuring a red bow, at the base.

What would a Loungefly collection be without a mini-backpack? A new, predominantly pink, mini-backpack with reverse pattern red bow on the front also has a matching wallet and coin purse.

Last, but absolutely not the least… a new Minnie quilted black hand-bag with red/pink bow and leather-strapped/belted Minnie bow fanny pack rounds out this collection!

We have fallen head-over-heals for this entire collection. As soon as more details are announced, we will bring them to you! If you love following along for the most up to date park information and news, follow us on Instagram too: @themeparkprofessor

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