Refunds Now Offered for 2020 Disneyland Food & Wine Festival Unused Tabs

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Thanks to our friends over at Food at Disneyland, we have some big news! Last year, the 2020 Food and Wine Festival was cut short due to the Coronavirus outbreak. This left many guests who bought the Sip & Savor passes out of luck! Disney hasn’t made an official statement about refunds for unused tabs… but it does look like you are able to now get a refund for the ones you did not use.

Guests who bought the pass are able to get a $7 refund per unused tab. The refund is pretty easy to acquire! You simply go to the Disneyland Help page HERE. Once you are on that page you simply fill out the request page and scroll down to “2020 Food & Wine Festival Sip and Savor Pass Refunds” and submit the form.

Once you fill out the form it could take up to a week to get a response from Disney. You can also do this over the phone by calling 888-231-7639 to make the request there as well. Food at Disneyland was told they would have the option of receiving a Disney e-gift card or having a check mailed to you.

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