Staying on Keto at Walt Disney World Parks

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For years I always said, “calories at Disney don’t count.”  However, when you are at the parks as much as I am, you can’t just ditch your diet every time you travel. It would make it impossible to see progress.

Over the years, many diets/lifestyles have become more and more popular. Either because you want to see weight loss or because it is necessary for your health. The Keto Diet, or “Ketogenic Lifestyle” has been one of the more popular ways to successfully lose weight and maintain weight loss. The strict diet is a low-carb way of eating that can often cause panic in those who are planning a vacation. Many questions come into play. Where can I eat? What can I eat? Will the chefs make exceptions for my dietary needs? Is it possible to stay in Ketosis while I am on my vacation? In this post, I will breakdown locations to dine, how to order, and what you can do to stay on your diet while visiting the happiest place on earth.

Tricks to Stay on Keto

BRING YOUR OWN FOOD: This first option will not work for everyone and often is a lot of work. But, never the less, it is still an option.  If you are a local you can make your meals at home and bring them with you to the parks. Or, if you are staying in a resort that has a kitchen you can make a trip to the store and make your own meals there to take with you. This might be a pain if you don’t have a stroller to bring in with you. Carrying around a cooler all day is kind of a pain, but it’s not impossible. There are lockers you can rent at the park and you can bring ice packs to keep your food cold.

BRING YOUR OWN SNACKS: This a trick we suggest for anyone visiting the parks, not just when you’re on a diet. I always bring some snacks that don’t require refrigeration when I go to the parks. When I am on Keto I like to bring little baggies of nuts, olives, Keto bars(grab your favorite brand), Keto shake(grab your favorite brand), beef jerky, pork rinds, and if you do “dirty keto” you can even grab some SUPER dark chocolate.

RESEARCH LOW CARB OPTIONS TO TURN KETO:  We are going to give you some options of places to eat Keto below, but it is always important to do your own research. If you have dining reservations, click the menu before you go and see what you can adjust to make keto. All Disney dining locations can make adjustments and you’re going to get really bored of eating a cheeseburger without a bun all week if you don’t do your homework.

Cinderella Royal Table Magic Kingdom

Next, we are going to break down each park and show you how and where you can eat Keto! Keep in mind, you can pretty much adjust your diet and menu at any location. Just make sure you check the always-changing menus. (*during the pandemic many dining locations have adjusted menus)


Up first, Quick Service locations: 

Pecos Bill (Frontier Land): Pecos Bill offers many items on the menu that you can adjust to make Keto Friendly. They used to have a “toppings bar” but it has temporarily been closed due to Covid-19. You can ask for the sides when you order and they will give them to you in little paper bowls. You can also order just a side of meat for $5 and load that with the toppings you get for free. This is the most cost-effective Keto choice at the park.

  • Any burger(skip the bun & fries)
  • Fajita Platter- skip the tortillas

Caseys Corner (Mainstreet USA): * At this time, Caseys Corner is closed due to Covid-19. I did not want to leave it off because it will eventually come back. When Caseys reopens you can get your favorite hot dog and load up on Keto toppings! Just ask to skip the bun.

Turkey Leg (Food Carts & Tortuga Tavern): This is a trap! The turkey legs are brined in brown sugar and are NOT KETO-FRIENDLY. If you are on “dirty keto” this is still an option for you. But, keep in mind… there is sugar in this menu item.

Cosmic Ray’s (Tomorrowland): 

  • Chili-Cheese All-Beef Foot-long Hot Dog(skip the bun & fries)
  • Greek Salad with Chicken
  • Any burger(skip the bun & fries)

Columbia Harbor House (Liberty Square):(this is temporarily closed)

  • Lobster Roll(skip the bun & chips)
  • Grilled Salmon, substitute the rice
  • Grilled Shrimp, substitute the rice
  • Harbour Salad with Chicken, I would skip the melons with this one.

Pinocchio Village Haus (Fantasyland): 

  • Antipasto Salad: Mixed Greens, Tomatoes, Diced Cucumber, Diced Red Onion, Salami, Provolone, and Diced Ham tossed with Italian Dressing

Be Our Guest Restaurant

Table Service Locations: 

Be Our Guest (Fantasyland): There is a lunch and dinner menu here that varies. You should double-check it before you travel. These are just some of our suggestions.

  • Assorted Meats and Artisanal Cheese Selection
  • Herb-salted Pork Tenderloin
  • Center-cut Filet Mignon (skip the taters)
  • Pan-seared Sea Scallops (skip the apples)

Cinderellas Royal Table (Fantasyland): There is a lunch and dinner menu here that varies. You should double-check it before you travel. These are just some of our suggestions.

  • Charcuterie
  • Herb-salted Pork Tenderloin
  • Roasted All-Natural Chicken Breast(skip the taters)
  • Tenderloin of Beef(adjust sides as needed)
  • Chef’s Fish of the Day(adjust sides as needed)

The Crystal Palace (Main Street USA): *This menu has been temporarily adjusted from a buffet to family-style at this time. We will adjust when the buffet is back.

  • Seasonal Salad and skip the toppings you can’t eat
  • Fire Roasted Prime Rib and adjust the sides

Skipper Canteen (Adventureland): *This menu has been temporarily adjusted

  • Jungle Green Salad- adjust sides as needed
  • Dr. Falls Grilled Steak- adjust sides as needed

Liberty Tree Tavern (Liberty Square): Family-Style

  • Declaration Salad- pick off what you can’t eat
  • Patriots Platter-Roasted Turkey Breast, Pot Roast, and Oven-roasted Pork, Seasonal Vegetables(skip the taters and mac)

The Plaza (Main Street USA):

  • Cheesesteak Sandwich- minus the bun and the onions
  • The Club-minus the toast and tomato
  • Order a burger any way you’d like without a bun and they will accommodate

Tony’s Town Square Restaurant (Main Street USA):

  • Garden Salad-pick off what you can’t eat
  • Roman-Style Steak- sub the sides

Akershus Epcot


EPCOT is a tricky park…They are undergoing constant renovations that cause dining locations to open and close without much notice. They also have festivals that pop up all year long. There are a lot of ways to eat Keto, you just have to be a little more investigative to figure them out. Make sure you check our Festival Food Kitchen posts before you travel for any festival you plan to attend. You can take a look at those menus and gauge what looks and sounds good.

Up first, Quick Service locations: 

Fife and Drum (American Adventure Pavillion):

  • Hot Dog-ship the bun and chips

Sunshine Seasons (The Land Pavilion)

  • Oak Fired Chicken- sub sides
  • Power Salad with Oak Fired Chicken
  • Oak Grilled Salmon- sub sides
  • Bacon Burger- skip the bun and fries

Sommerfest (Germany Pavilion):

  • Bratwurst or Frankfurter- skip the bun

Table Service Locations: 

Regal Eagle (American Adventure Pavillion): I wouldn’t even step foot in this place on Keto. It smells amazing and you can probably get a sugar rush just from smelling the BBQ… But if you do, here’s your one and only option.

  • Cheeseburger- no bun

Biergarten (Germany Pavillion): *used to be a buffet but is temporarily a family-style dining experience

  • Bratwurst- skip the taters
  • Roast Chicken- skip the taters
  • Franks- skip the taters
  • Greenbeans

Chefs du France (France Pavillion): 

  • Casserole of Burgundian escargots
  • Charcuteries
  • Broiled Salmon- skip the rice
  • Braised Beef- sub sides
  • Grilled tenderloin of beef- sun sides

Coral Reef Restaurant (Future World): 

  • Shrimp Cocktail- skip the sauce
  • Oven Roasted Chicken
  • Seared Mahi Mahi- sub out the rice
  • Roasted Rib-eye- sub out the taters

Garden Grill (Future World): *Family-Style

  • Harvest Salad- skip what you can’t eat
  • Turkey Breast
  • Grilled Beef
  • Seasonal Veggies

San Angel (Mexico Pavillion): 

  • This whole menu is a little tricky. You can sub out many items but there is corn in almost everything…

Le Cellier (France Pavillion): 

  • Jumbo Shrimp Cocktail- skip the sauce
  • Artisan Cheese Plate
  • Seasonal Salad- skip what you can’t eat
  • USDA Prime Rib- sub out the taters
  • USDA Prime NY Strip Steak- sub out the taters
  • Filet Mignon- sub out the taters

Rose & Crown Dining Room (Britain Pavillion): 

  • UK Cheese Platter

Teppan Edo (Japan Pavillion): *this is hibachi/sushi- ask for no rice and extra veggies(obviously not onions or carrots)

  • Filet Mingon
  • NY Strip Steak
  • Salmon
  • Wagyu Steak
  • Lobster Tail
  • Ebi(Grilled Shrimp)
  • Hotate(Grilled Scallops)
  • Mixed Mushrooms

Via Napoli (Italy Pavillion): 

Unfortunately, this location offers nothing Keto friendly. However, if you ever decide to go off the wagon, it is my favorite place for pizza at Walt Disney World.

Akershus Royal Banquet Hall (Norway Pavillion): *this location is currently closed

I will update this post when they reopen with their adjusted menu!


Up first, Quick Service locations: 

Restaurantosaurus (Dinoland):

  • All Beef Hot Dog: minus the bun
  • Grilled Chicken BLT, toss the bread and fries.
  • Any of the burgers, toss the bread and fries.
  • Cobb Salad with Chicken

Flame Tree Barbecue (Discovery Island):

  • 1/2 Chicken- skip the beans and slaw(the slaw has sugar in it)
  • Smokehouse chicken salad, remove the apples and croutons.

Harambe Market (Africa):

  • Chicken Gyro, remove the naan bread.
  • Beef and Lamb Gyro, remove the naan bread.
  • Chicken Bowl, ask for no rice and extra salad greens.

Satu’li (Pandora):

  • They have some great meat you can build into a bowl. Unfortunately, the slaw has sugar in it. So do the Boba Balls.

Tiffins Restaurant

Table Service Locations: 

Tiffins (Discovery Island): 

  • Butter Chicken- skip the peas and pickled onion
  • There are many items on the menu you can make. If you ask the wait staff they will let you know what your options are. If you decide to cheat at Tiffins go for the Shrimp and Grits. You will not be disappointed by them. I still have dreams about them to this day.

Yak and Yeti (Asia): 

  • Seared Tuna Salad- skip the tomatoes
  • Chop Chop Chicken Salad- Ask for grilled chicken without marinade and skip the tomatoes and carrots
  • Chop Chop Shrimp Salad- Ask for grilled shrimp without marinade and skip the tomatoes and carrots
  • Kobe Beef Burger- skip the fries

Rainforest Cafe (Park Entrance): 

  • Any burger on the menu without bun or fries
  • Flat Iron Steak- minus the taters
  • Primal Steak- Minus the taters
  • Grilled Shrimp

abc commissary


Up first, Quick Service locations: 

ABC Commissary (Commissary Lane):

  • Mediterranean Salad with Chicken- skip the flatbread
  • Chicken Club- ask for green beans and toss the bun
  • Burgers- toss the bun

Backlot Express (Echo Lake):

  • Burgers- toss the bun

Catalina Eddie’s (Sunset Boulevard):

  • Caesar Salad with Chicken- toss the croutons

Rontos Roasters (Star Wars Galaxy Edge):

  • Ronto Breakfast Wrap- skip the wrap
  • Ronto Wrap- Skip the wrap & slaw

Rosies All American Cafe (Sunset Blvd)

  • Hot dog- skip the bun
  • Burger- skip the bun

Woody’s Lunch Box(Toy Story Land): 

  • Mini Babybel® Snack Cheese(3 pack for $4)


Table Service Locations: 

50’s Prime Time Cafe (Echo Lake):

  • There isn’t much on this menu that would pass the Keto vibe. However, you can ask your waitstaff to suggest menu items and they will ask the chef to make you a special meal.

Hollywood and Vine (Echo Lake): *this buffet is temporarily family style 

  • Chopped Salad- take out what you can’t eat
  • Garlic and Cracked Black Pepper Prime Rib- skip the taters
  • Carved Herb Roasted Turkey Breast- skip the taters, stuffing, and cornbread
  • Seared Fresh Salmon with Grain Mustard Beurre Blanc*- skip the taters

Hollywood Brown Derby( Echo Lake): 

  • Pan-seared Sea Scallops
  • Charcuterie Board
  • Filet Mingon- Skip the taters
  • Cobb Salad- skip the tomatoes

Sci-Fi Dine-in Theater (Commissary Lane):

  • Oven Roasted Turkey Sandwich- skip the bun and tomato
  • Any Burger- skip the bun and taters


And that’s a wrap folks! (Just not the kind you eat because that’s not Keto) Keep your head up and remember the most important thing, drink lots of water while you are on Keto. There’s nothing worse than getting the Keto flu while you are on vacation.

*All dining options are subject to change without any notice and the Walt Disney World website should be verified before you make your reservations.

*Chefs at Walt Disney World are able to customize your meal at any table service location. Just ask!

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