Reasons You Need a Travel Advisor – A Love Letter From The Travel Industry

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One year ago our lives immediately changed and no one knew exactly what was about to happen, or to what extent we would be dealing with the fallout of COVID-19.

So many businesses took a huge hit when the pandemic shut the world down. The travel industry was hit so hard that it will likely take years to recover. Now that the world is starting to come back to some type of normalcy, it is extremely important to take advantage of a travel advisor/agent to book your vacations.

If you had a trip booked in 2020 without a travel agent, you may need no further convincing. For the rest of you, take a look at this:

Travel Advisors Have Your Back

When the unthinkable happened, hold times were hours long as even the suppliers were trying to figure out how to handle it.  Travel agents spent those hours on the phones for our clients.  We were the ones fighting for our clients to make sure that our clients were taken care of, and in some cases, we were the ones behind some of the policy changes when the old ones didn’t make sense.

An unfortunate side effect of the pandemic is that thousands of people lost all of their money on vacations they booked online through third-party booking sites. The sites had no insurance or system in place to refund vacation packages. Unfortunately, these sites went out of business and the people who booked with them lost 100% of their money.

When you book with an authorized vacation planner you have the peace of mind that they have your back to get you a refund or the right type of travel insurance to fit your vacation needs. There are hundreds of vacation destinations all over the world. Do you want to take the chance that you book a destination that won’t let you enter due to covid policies? You never have to worry about that with a travel advisor. They will research the location for you before you are quoted to ensure you have nothing to worry about.

Travel Advisors Stay Up To Date On Travel Restrictions & Advisories

CDC guidelines and local regulations changes are happening at a rapid pace, it’s important to book your vacation with someone who will guide you through the entire process and answer any questions along the way. Do you know what kind of masks are acceptable?  Do you need a COVID-19 test to visit the destination?  Is there somewhere on vacation property to get a test before you leave so you won’t have to quarantine when you get back?

One of, if not the most important benefits of using a travel advisor, is knowing they are on top of all of the details needed for your travel destination. If they don’t know it, they will find it out.  For example, at Walt Disney World there is a new Park Reservation System that has been implemented.  Guests are now required to pick which park they plan to visit in advance. Once that park is at capacity, it doesn’t matter if you have a hotel reservation, you’re not getting in the park!  There so many new changes that you will want to speak with a travel advisor before you book your trip.

Travel Advisors Can Answer Those Hard Questions

When it comes to planning your vacation, it isn’t as simple as it used to be to make decisions. For example, should you pay for your cruise in full even though it may not happen? Should you risk buying flights?  Which airlines have the best cancelation policies? Travel advisors understand the ever-changing airline policies and can help advise you on those as well.  What does travel insurance cover, and will it cover COVID-related issues?

There are so many questions that go into booking a vacation these days. A travel advisor can get you the answers you need and help you make those hard choices. Or, if you’d prefer, they can make all the choices for you and plan your perfect vacation worry-free.

Travel Advisors Speak From Experience

Not only can a travel advisor give you advice from research and training, but they also can speak from first-hand experience traveling in this post-pandemic world. Many travel advisors have been able to travel safely and practice the precautions in place in airports, resorts, theme parks, and more. If they haven’t traveled first hand they can speak to it from colleagues that have taken tours, visited theme parks, and flown to bring back the most up-to-date information.

Travel advisors will be the first guests onboard cruise lines as soon as it is safe to do so, and they will share that experience with clients.  Travel advisors spent the entire lockdown attending webinars and training sessions to make sure they stay up to date and never stop learning. Key to the World Travel Advisors have already successfully held their advisor conference this past fall(post-pandemic) and heard from travel insurance reps, all-inclusive resorts, Walt Disney World, and Universal Orlando Resort(to name a few) on the most up to date policies and procedures.

Travel Advisors Services Are Free

Many travel agencies don’t charge you extra for their services. It’s the exact same price to book through them or book direct. When you book through them, the vacation supplier that pays us out of their profits. Suppliers recognize the value travel agents bring, and they are willing to do that.

You Support Small Business When You Book With A Travel Advisor

Every single advisor with Key to the World Travel is an independent contractor. They are a small business owner. They rely on their clients to keep coming back to book with them and that means they work harder than anyone else to give you the best customer service out there.

Travel agencies are the very definition of small businesses, and the travel industry is one of many which was just decimated by 2020. The best thing you can do for your own travel needs is book with a travel advisor. You won’t regret it. You may not be ready to travel just yet, but when you are… a travel advisor is out there waiting to help you!

Are you considering a trip? This is a great time to plan your perfect vacation! Having a travel advisor means someone there to have your back in any occurrence. There is no additional cost to you and you have peace of mind knowing that your vacation is in good hands. Contact our friends at Key to the World Travel® for a free, no-obligation quote for your next trip. Click here.

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