How to Use The Play Disney Parks App In The Parks

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*Updated by Professor Heather Adamczak 4/6/2021*

Disney has become known as a true innovator when it comes to technology in theme parks. Imagineers are constantly working on new ways to add extra magic to guests experiences and in recent years, have expanded those new offerings to the digital realm. The newest innovation in guest interactivity is the Play Disney Parks app.

The Play Disney Parks app is available for iPhone and Android and features new ways to explore and play while touring a Disney theme park. The app offers games, music, achievements and interactive elements to not only add a new dimension to a guest’s day but help pass the time while waiting in line (this facet of the app is probably its most useful). 

Using the Play Disney Parks App
Photo Courtesy Disney

Guests can play a variety of ride themed games and earn special achievements while waiting at select attractions. These achievements also extend to the attraction itself as there are special accolades just for riding certain rides. The games are not limited to the app itself as some games use the physical ride queues for enhanced gameplay. You may be instructed to locate special symbols or hidden gems throughout your wait that will aid you in your task. This can definitely help alleviate the stress of waiting in line and give the whole family some entertainment as well.

The Play Disney Parks app also features a selection of music playlists curated to accompany specific parks, areas and even your drive to the resort. You can enjoy classic Disney songs from past and current attractions as well as contemporary hits that have nods to Disney parks and movies. There’s also fun to be had on the app when not in a Disney park. Families can enjoy the songs as well as a few games that aren’t tied to park attendance like Mickey and Minnie’s Trivia Time. The app is also a fun tool for your vacation planning as it makes an easy-to-use map for smaller members of the family.

Play Disney Parks App Screen
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One of the most exciting new additions to the app comes with the arrival of Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge at both Disney’s Hollywood Studios and the Disneyland park. The new Star Wars: Datapad is an extension of the current Play Disney Parks app that adds even more immersion to the already impressive new lands. Once guests step into Black Spire Outpost, the app transforms into a specially designed interactive guide that allows them do things like interact with droids, translate alien languages and listen to secret communications. Guests of Batuu can also pledge allegiance to the First Order, The Resistance or be an independent scoundrel and earn achievements to further their galactic reputation. 

Star Wars: Datapad on Play Disney Parks App
Photo Courtesy Disney

With the Star Wars addition, it’s clear that Disney plans to continue to develop the app and enhance it as its parks expand and evolve. The potential is still great for even more interactivity and integration with physical park entertainment. We are very excited to see what will be added to the Play Disney Parks app in the future and will keep you posted on all new developments to this and everything else at Disney resorts.


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