Imagineering Has Created a Free-Roaming Groot Animatronic, and You’re Going to Love Him

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I am Groot! Those famous three words stole our heart from the tree-like Guardians of the galaxy character Groot. Well, some day soon you might run into a real life Groot in the parks dancing to Starlords latest mix tape.

Walt Disney Imagineering has created a new industry-changing technology they are calling “Project Kiwi.” According to Matthew Panzarino from TechCrunch, the project is actually a “free walking robot” in the form of Guardian of the Galaxy‘s Groot!

Over at Walt Disney Imagineering in California Panzarino was brought in to witness Groot walking around. It has taken three years to get to this point, but the project still has a ways to go…

What is Groot? Well, the goal of Project Kiwi has been to crete a two-legged battery-powered robot that can free roam and interact with guests autonomously. While the robot is currently Groot-shaped, Panzarino stresses that this robot could be used for any number of characters in Disney Parks.

That being said, the project is still in development and probably won’t be seen in theme parks any time soon. Take a look at a video of Groot here:

“Project KIWI started about three years ago to figure out how we can bring our smaller characters to life at their actual scale in authentic ways,” R&D Imagineer Scott LaValley said. “It’s an exciting time for bipedal robotics and with an incredible team and our combination of technology, artistry, and magic, we are bringing characters to life that could not have happened anywhere but Disney.”

Many of us have seen Baby Groot in the parks before, however, it was in a much different way.  But, with this new technology we could see Groot in a whle new way! It also opens the possiblities of bringing other characters like Wall-E to life in the parks.

We can’t wait for the new tech to bring us new and innovative ways to see characters in the parks!

Source: Disney Imagineering/Matthew


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