Choosing Your Ticket for Your Walt Disney World Vacation

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When you begin planning a trip to the Walt Disney World Resort, there are several factors to consider. One decision that will need to be made is the type of ticket you add to your vacation package. Below, we will break down the ticket types and discuss the benefits of the Park Hopper and Park Hopper Plus options.

As a reminder, you will need a park pass reservation for the first park you visit each day. This is regardless of the ticket type you choose.

What Kind of Tickets Can I Get?

Base Ticket

A base theme park ticket will allow you to enter one park per day. You are permitted to leave this park and return if you choose. However, you are not permitted to leave and go to another park. This ticket type also does not give you access to the water park or other options within the resort.

Water Parks & More

Tikes Peak at Disney's Blizzard Beach

Photo Courtesy Disney

When you purchase this ticket type, you will have access to one theme park per day. However, you may also choose to enjoy additional recreational options at the Walt Disney World Resort. While not all options are available right now, this is all subject to change and there are some great ways to make use of this ticket type.

For example, you may choose to visit Disney’s Oak Trail Golf Course. Here, you may opt for a game of FootGolf or a 9-hole walking course. On another day, you may choose to take advantage of the miniature golf course at Disney’s Fantasia Gardens (available before 4:00 pm). Then, head over to Disney’s Blizzard Beach Water Park where the whole family can enjoy water slides and rides! The number of visits you get to these other options is based on the number of ticket days you have.

Park Hopper

A Park Hopper ticket will allow you to go to more than one park per day. You may even choose to visit all four in one day if you would like!

Currently, guests are not permitted to park hop until 2:00 pm. However, you do not need any additional park pass reservations once you make the initial one.

Furthermore, the additional price of the park hopper ticket is for the length of the ticket. Once you purchase this ticket type, you can park hop for the length of stay. It is one price for the entire time which makes it a great value.

Park Hopper Plus

Fantasia Gardens Miniature Golf Walt Disney World

Photo Courtesy Disney

The Park Hopper Plus is the most flexible ticket type offered. Not only does it allow you to visit more than one theme park per day, but it also gives you access to the water park and additional fun throughout the Walt Disney World Resort.

Like the above example, a 5-day park hopper ticket will allow you to hop between the 4 theme parks as often as you choose after 2:00 pm. However, the additional benefits that you get when you purchase the Water Parks and More option are also included. This means you can also choose to visit the water park or one of the other recreational options discussed above on 5 days throughout your vacation.

How to Make the Most of a Park Hopper or Park Hopper Plus Ticket

My biggest tip to make the most of these ticket types is to plan accordingly. Both options are great for the ultimate flexibility during your vacation but make sure that you take advantage of all of the benefits!

One suggestion that I have when using the park hopper is to start your day early. If you arrive when the park opens, that will help maximize your time in the first park you go to. You can always take a break mid-day before heading to the next park. Then, later in the day, you can head to another park of your choice. With the return of fireworks right around the corner, park-hopping will become even more of a benefit! You can start your day in one park and then in the evening, you can head over to watch one of the fireworks shows!

The Park Hopper Plus ticket is great if you want to see all of the things at Walt Disney World. If you are planning for any rest days or days where you will not be heading to the theme parks, this still gives you plenty of options to experience the resort. The best part is if you want to do all of the things in one day you still can! For example, you may choose to head out early in the morning to one of the theme parks, head over for a game of mini-golf at Disney’s Fantasia Gardens, and then head to a different park for the evening.

Another option would be to head to the water park for part of your day and then a theme park or two later in the day. The possibilities are pretty endless. The great thing is, you have the flexibility to choose how you use the benefits of the ticket. You do not need to use the water park, golf course, etc. on the same day you are visiting a theme park. This allows you to explore more of what the Walt Disney World Resort has to offer.

It is also worth mentioning that it is pretty easy to park hop. You can use the Disney transportation offered to go between the parks and/or your resort. In my opinion, this is the case regardless of who is included in your travel party, including little ones!

As you’re planning your vacation, and deciding about the best tickets for your family, keep these suggestions in mind! It is definitely worth considering adding one of these options to your trip to maximize your experience at the Walt Disney World Resort!


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