How Do I Get a Boarding Group for WEB Slingers, Rise of the Resistance, and Indiana Jones at Disneyland?

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It’s official! WEB SLINGERS: A Spider-Man Adventure at Disney California Adventure Park is open! On June 4th Avengers from all over the Galaxy assembled to open the new Avengers Campus.

The newest attraction to Disney California Adventure, WEB SLINGERS: A Spider-Man Adventure, has Marvel fans SUPER excited to visit the new land. One of the biggest questions we have gotten about the attraction is “will there be a virtual queue for WEB SLINGERS like Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance at Disneyland. The simple answer: yes! But, it is a little different procedure than Rise!

Our second biggest question is “can I get a boarding group for WEB SLINGERS: A Spider-Man Adventure, Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance, AND Indiana Jones Adventure(JUST added to the virtual queue at Disneyland when the park reopened)  on the same day. And, the simple answer for that is: yes, it’s possible! But, there is some work involved to do so. We have put together a guide to help you figure out how to make the most of your time at Disneyland and Disney California Adventure, and get those boarding groups!

Virtual Queue Boarding Group for WEB SLINGERS: A Spider-Man Adventure

To schedule a boarding group for Spider-man, you’ll need to have three things:

  1. A valid theme park admission
  2. A theme park reservation for Disney California Adventure on the day you hope to ride the attraction
  3. The Disneyland App on your phone and set up with your account information loaded

disneyland app

Set Up Your Disneyland App

One of the biggest tips we got from our travel advisor was to make sure we had the Disneyland app downloaded to your device before as soon as your vacation is booked. You want your whole account and all of your planning party uploaded to the app before you even try to schedule that boarding group. Do the following before your Disneyland trip:

  1. Download the Disneyland App or open it if you already have it on your device
  2. Set up your account, or log into your account
  3. Make sure all of your reservations and tickets are linked to the account. A travel advisor can help you do all of this
  4. Add your ticket(s) to the app
  5. Make sure your entire boarding group party is linked with their tickets to your account.


WEB SLINGERS: A Spider-Man Adventure at Disney California Adventure Park

Photo Courtesy Disney

Scheduling a Virtual Queue Boarding Group for WEB SLINGERS: A Spider-Man Adventure

You will have two opportunities to schedule a Boarding Group each day (but you can only enter a virtual queue for an attraction once per day).

  1. 7 A.M.: You can make this attempt from home or from your hotel. You do NOT need to be at the resort to make the reservation, but you must have valid park tickets and a Disney California Adventure park reservation.
  2. Noon: You must have entered either Disneyland or Disney California Adventure to book the noon reservation window. Park-hopper ticket holders who started their day at Disneyland can also try for the noon WEB SLINGERS reservation. (Park hopping starts at 1 pm)

Boarding Groups for Rise of the Resistance are gone in seconds and the same is now true for WEB SLINGERS.  If you want to make sure you get a boarding group for WEB SLINGERS following these steps: (and then ask Doctor Strange to perform a little magic for you)

  • Sign in to your Disneyland App by 6:30 AM or 11:30 AM-depending on which boarding group you are trying for- Don’t wait to check if you are logged in(this is one of the biggest mistakes)
  • Test your service from your phone. We suggest getting off of any resort wifi as that will be congested when it turns 7 AM or NOON.
  • Open the Virtual Queues Section of your Disneyland app a couple of minutes before the Virtual Queue enrollment begins at either 7 A.M. or Noon.
  • Make sure you have notifications enabled on your phone.

When you get to the “Join Boarding Group” page, click the icon and then you will be able to toggle between Disneyland and Disney California Adventure Park. You’ll see WEB SLINGERS: A Spider-Man Adventure, Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance, and Indiana Jones(newly added) as options.


  • Press the “JOIN” button. If the attraction isn’t available yet, you can pull down on the page to refresh it repeatedly until the option to book unlocks right at 7 AM or NOON.
  • Once the JOIN button is highlighted, QUICKLY create your party and hit JOIN.
  • You’ll be notified if you are assigned a boarding group.  If you didn’t get a spot at 7 AM, you can try again at NOON using the same steps.
  • You’ll get a notification on your phone when it’s time to ride the attraction. You can always check “My Queues” to see what boarding group numbers are being called.


How Can I Ride WEB SLINGERS: A Spider-Man Adventure, Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance, and Indiana Jones Adventure in the Same Day?

There are a few things that have to happen to make this work. It can be VERY tricky and we suggest you use a travel advisor for this… You are only able to hold one boarding group at a time for WEB SLINGERS & Star Wars, but you can have two separate ones in a day if that makes sense. However, you can have a boarding group for Indiana Jones Adventure AND any other(or both) attractions in addition to Jones. Here’s the process and explanation:

  • You can only hold ONE Boarding Group at a time for Star Wars Rise of the Resistance and WEB SLINGERs. That means you can either get WEB SLINGERS or Rise of the Resistance at 7 AM or NOON.
  • However, you could hold a pass for one ride in the morning and the other in the afternoon.
  • There’s only ONE enrollment time for Indiana Jones Adventure
  • Enrollment time begins at park opening for Indiana Jones Adventure
  • You cannot secure a boarding group for Indiana Jones Adventure until you’ve entered Disneyland

How can I make it happen then? (Other than channeling The Force)

It’s very important you have ALL of these in order to make this work:

  1. You MUST have a park-hopper ticket.
  2. You need to obtain a Virtual Queue for the park that you start your day at. Example: You start your day at Disneyland and are able to obtain a Boarding Pass for Star Wars: Rise of the resistance in the morning.
  3. The Boarding Group for your morning Virtual Queue has to be used prior to noon. So, in the example above: You are able to claim your Rise of the Resistance boarding group in the morning before noon.
  4. You successfully obtain a Virtual Queue for your 2nd attraction at noon. That would mean you got one for WEB SLINGERS: A Spider-Man Adventure at DCA.
  5. You must enter Disneyland first(meaning you would have to get a 7 AM Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance boarding group) to access the boarding group for Indiana Jones Adventure. *This does not book up as fast as the other two attractions.

FYI:  *Park-hoppers are allowed to switch parks after 1 PM. It IS possible to do all three rides in one day. But since there could be an overlap of an hour or so between noon and 1 PM on the morning boarding passes, not all park-hopper ticket holders will be able to shoot for the 2nd/3rd attraction. Additionally, it is not a certainty that you’ll successfully get a boarding group for either attraction, much less all three, in a single day.

The best way to ensure you are totally prepared for your Disneyland and Disney California Adventure boarding groups is to book through a travel advisor!


Are you considering a trip? This is a great time to plan your perfect vacation! Having a travel advisor means someone there to have your back in any occurrence. There is no additional cost to you and you have peace of mind knowing that your vacation is in good hands.

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