Why a Girls Trip to Disney is Good for Your Soul

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Whether you have kids or not, Disney is a magical place to visit for those young and old. The attractions are epic, the food is incredible, the shows are out of this world! More than that, visiting Disney is about creating memories that will stay with you for a lifetime. And, it’s not just for families!

Taking a trip to see the mouse with your friends is a beautiful way to recharge those run-down batteries and enjoy some quality time with your BFFs. Check out our list of things to do and why you need to leave the kids at home and take that trip. Trust me, your family needs you to get away too…


If you’re a mom like me, you know that it can be a huge undertaking to plan dining that will work with all the picky eaters in your life. When you go with your girlfriends you have the flexibility to book dining anywhere you want. Not just that, but you can take your time! Have a drink (or two), chat, and enjoy the atmosphere.  Better yet, just go for drinks and snack your way through the day!


Ladies, we wear many hats. Cook, maid, chauffeur, photographer, the list goes on and on. If you’re like me, you are the one snapping the photos and finding the perfect pose for your kids. I often get home to find I am hardly in any family photos. If I’m lucky, I get a couple of cute PhotoPass shots, but that’s it. When you’re with your girlfriends you can take pics of each other living your best life! Best of all, your girlfriends will help to find those great Instagram angles hiding your less than flattering angles.


The best time to get away on a girl’s trip might be during one of the Epcot festivals. Just imagine eating and drinking around the Food and Wine festival with your BFFs! Not only can you enjoy the delish offerings at the festival you can relive the good old days jamming to Hanson or Boyz II Men during their free concert series!


Life is full of schedules and playdates. Going to Disney with the girls is all about surprises and fun.  If you don’t feel like riding any rides, don’t! When I go with friends, I go on the rides I like and skip those I don’t. I also enjoy as many snacks as I can(because I don’t have to share). It’s also fun to make new friends while you’re there! You never know who you will run into. 


Read that again… No purse?! When you don’t have to pack snacks, drinks, diapers, wipes, sunscreen, and everything in the medicine cabinet you able to pack light! You can bring a small little bag or fanny pack(yes, they are back in style). If you want to be super adventurous and skip the bag check line, you can go bag-free! Put on your MagicBand, throw your ID(for drinks) in your back pocket, sunscreen up, and go!


One of the best parts of a girl’s trip is the shopping opportunities. You can take your time, look at different shirts and hats, and just browse! When else are you able to do that? Take advantage of this time to find some souvenirs to bring home too. Better yet, wandering around the park people watching and grabbing snacks along the way is one of my favorite pasttimes! 

7). Share The Cost!

When you go with several friends the cost of the trip is more affordable. Sharing the cost of your room with 3 other people is a huge savings! You can use that extra cash for spending money or better yet, upgrade to a nicer resort you have never stayed at before! Just don’t tell the kids you spent the day at the resort lazy river. What happens at Disney on a girls trip, stays at Disney!

8). It’s good for your soul!

When you take time to relax, recharge, and enjoy time with friends it is not only beneficial to you but to those at home as well. When you take time for yourself and spend some quality time with the girls you are able to bring back an even better version of yourself. Your entire family will thank you in the end.

Take the time and enjoy yourself. You deserve it! Get some ladies together and plan a trip to the most magical place on earth. You won’t regret it.


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