The Walt Disney World Resort is a vacation destination for any age, but many people don’t realize how baby-friendly this destination actually is! I often hear people express concerns about bringing a baby – what can they ride, where can I feed them, what if they need to be changed, etc. The Baby Care Centers are available to help families care for their little ones while enjoying their time at the most magical place on Earth.

What is a Baby Care Center?

Baby Care Centers

These centers are at each theme park and offer a quiet space for families with little ones. It’s the perfect spot to take a break, change a diaper, eat, etc. Here, you can get out of the Florida heat and take care of anything your little one may need. If your baby is tired, it’s the perfect air-conditioned spot to get a nap in too.

What Is Available There?

Baby Care Center

The goal of the Baby Center Centers is to help families meet any needs that their little ones may have while visiting the parks.

When little ones are hungry, all bets are off! The Baby Care Centers offer space for you to feed your baby. There is also a microwave available if you need one. If you are a nursing mother and would like some privacy, there are rooms available for you to use as well.

At each location, there are several changing tables, rocking chairs, and more.

Baby Care Center

In addition, you can purchase baby care necessities such as diapers, baby food, pacifiers, and more. There is a cast member available to assist with this as needed. It’s great to have this option if you are in a pinch and need something for your baby or toddler.

Baby Care Centers

Where Can You Find Them?

Baby Care Center

There is a Baby Care Center in each theme park at the Walt Disney World Resort.

Magic Kingdom

At the Magic Kingdom, the Baby Care Center is currently located in Tomorrowland, near Walt Disney’s Carousel of Progress. It was recently relocated from its normal location near the Crystal Palace.


Epcot’s Baby Care Center is in Future World. It is closer to the World Showcase and the Mexico Pavilion but is well marked with signs to help you find it.

Disney’s Hollywood Studios

At Disney’s Hollywood Studios, the Baby Care Center is at the very front of the park, in the same building as Guest Services.

Disney’s Animal Kingdom

The Baby Care Center at Disney’s Animal Kingdom is on your way to the Africa section of the park. It is tucked away, near the Creature Comforts. It is right next door to the first-aid station.

While visiting the Walt Disney World Resort, the goal is usually to make some memories and enjoy your vacation. When you are traveling with little ones, the Baby Care Centers are a great option to help keep your little one content while exploring the theme parks. It’s great to know that there is yet another way that the parks are family-friendly for all ages!


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