All too often the most magical place on earth is promoted as a place just for families or couples. What about the rest of the population that is single rider for life? Or, at least for now… There is so much to do while you’re at the parks, you don’t need to feel ashamed of going solo!

While it can seem a little intimidating to go on a vacation alone, you shouldn’t sacrifice your love of Disney because you’re afraid of what others may think. The Professors here at Theme Park Professor have personally spent the last couple of years taking many solo trips to Walt Disney World and Disneyland, and guess what, we have yet to have a bad time! In this post we are going to share why you HAVE to book a solo trip and share some amazing photos from our friend @rozyqueenofcups from her recent trips to both WDW and DL! 

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There are so many advantages to going alone, let’s break them down here:

Single Rider Acess

Solo riders put your hands up! (If you didn’t hear Single Ladies by Beyonce when you read that, you’re doing it wrong) The single rider line is a fantastic option whether you are with a group or alone. But, when you’re alone you don’t have to feel guilty about breaking up the party! You’re free to ride and ride to your heart’s content. This gives you more time to do the rest of this list!

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Single Rider Options at Walt Disney World:

Single Rider Options at Disneyland:

  • Space Mountain.
  • Indiana Jones Adventure.
  • Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run.
  • Star Tours.
  • Splash Mountain

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Take Advantage of Photo Opps

There are so many photo opportunities at Disney Parks! Take this time to work on your new Tinder/Hinge/Match/Grindr profile picture! Get in line and do all the PhotoPass MagicShots and you don’t have to share the camera with anyone! The best part, you will have a keepsake for life to remember your solo trip.

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Dine Where You Want

It’s always difficult to get reservations for the popular dining locations at Walt Disney World when you have a group. Sometimes they are booked up so early, you don’t have a chance at getting in where you want! One of the perks of going solo, there is more availability for just one guest.

You don’t have to just eat at quick-service spots either… Don’t be afraid to sit alone! You’re able to take time with your meal and take lots of pictures! You can even try new menu items you may normally avoid. If you don’t eat the veggies, who’s going to judge you?

You can enjoy a great meal, entertainment, and meet new people. Another fun idea is sitting at the bar of one of the many dining spots around the property. You can make new friends while people watching.

Photo @rozyqueenofcups on Instagram

Be Adventurous

Have you ever been to Disney without planning a thing? It’s such a liberating feeling! You can take your time walking around the parks shopping, ride what you’d like, and get snacks you normally wouldn’t (people judge you when you have your 3rd Mickey Bar…) You can do whatever you want without having to make your plans around others.

You can even be a different person! As weird as this sounds, it’s kinda fun to pretend to be someone new. Tell the Starbucks barista your name is Cindy(short for Cinderella) and the rest of the day you can be Cindy! Cindy can be from another place, with a new life. She is more adventurous and has tried new things.

Photo @rozyqueenofcups on Instagram

Meet up with “Social Media Friends”

Most people who are really into Disney are in Facebook groups for fellow Disney fans or connect via other forms of social media like Instagram and TikTok. Take advantage of the open forum and reach out to create a meetup! There are lots of single people that look for people to go to the parks with. Be safe and meet in a public place, but be open to making new friends.

Don’t be shy, you won’t sound desperate. There are a ton of people out there that go to the parks alone. Join them, make a new friend, and share your Disney love with them. In some cases, this is the perfect way to make a love connection too! You already know you have a love of Disney in common, what else really matters?

Photo @rozyqueenofcups on Instagram

Save Money

When you are going solo, you have the opportunity to save huge! You can stay at an affordable resort, only worry about your own food, spend what you want, and go home! You really can create your own budget when you go alone. This starts with booking your flight. You don’t even need to pack a suitcase when it’s just you. Fill a carry-on and save on luggage fees.

Don’t let the stigma get to you! It is possible to have a fantastic time at Disney without bringing anyone with you! Step out of your comfort zone and create an adventure all on your own.

Photo @rozyqueenofcups on Instagram


Photos all courtesy @rozyqueenofcups on Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook


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