Universal Orlando and Walt Disney World: Your Guide to a Split Stay Vacation

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Central Florida is a great vacation destination for many reasons. Many people visit the area with the intention of experiencing the magic of the Walt Disney World Resort. However, Walt Disney World is not the only place to experience some magic!

Universal Orlando is filled with fun and adventures for all ages. As it continues to expand, this is another popular vacation option worth considering. Many families choose to do both during their vacations. The best way to do this and experience all that both destinations have to offer is to do a split stay between the two.

Split Stay

What is a Split Stay?

A split stay between the Walt Disney World Resort and Universal Orlando is when you split your time between the two destinations on one vacation. You start off at a hotel at one destination and then move to a different hotel at the other. This is a great way to experience both places and all of the benefits of staying on-site.

Each destination offers additional benefits to guests when they stay on-site such as early park admission and complimentary transportation. At Universal Orlando, some resorts also include the complimentary Universal Express Pass Unlimited when you stay there.

Split Stay

How Do I Book A Split Stay?

When you have a split stay, you will be staying at two different resorts, with a reservation at each one. This requires two different deposits, one for Walt Disney World and one for Universal Orlando. You can choose which destination you start with and where you end. There are different resort categories at each destination too.

At Universal Orlando, you will find premier, preferred, prime value, and value resort hotel categories. At Walt Disney World, you will find deluxe and deluxe villas, moderate, and value resorts. You are able to customize your experience based on your preferences. A vacation package is recommended so that tickets are also included.

In addition, working with a travel advisor, like our friends at Key to the World Travel® is especially helpful in this case. A travel advisor can help book your split stay and ensure everything is organized so that you can relax and enjoy your vacation!

Universal Orlando WDW Split Stay

How Do I Change Resorts?

These two destinations are not far from each other. It is only a short drive from one to the other. However, if you do not have a car, you will need to arrange transportation. There are several options to do this. You may choose to set up a private transfer, utilize rideshare, or a taxi.

Another great option that can be added to your Universal Orlando vacation package is something called a “Take Two Transfer”. This ground transportation option is a shuttle that takes you from one destination to the other. You also have the option of using it to get back to the Orlando International Airport if you flew. This service must be purchased in advance and booked through a travel advisor. You can set up the pick-up times for this service which gives you great flexibility during your stay.

There is so much magic to be experienced in Orlando and there’s more than one castle to see! When you plan a split stay, you can experience it all and it’s like having two vacations in one!


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