New Disney World 50th Anniversary Merchandise

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Brand new Walt Disney World 50th Anniversary merchandise arrived this week to Magic Kingdom and World of Disney at Disney Springs. The anniversary is just a few short days away, beginning October 1st! There is so much new merchandise we had to break it down for you here!

Pin traders rejoice!

First we want to share some of the new enamel pins they just released. We love the gold accents with all of the characters in their anniversary outfits. These are limited edition pins, and our sources say even more will dorp over the 18 month long celebration!

Did someone say ears?

There was also a re-stock on the new anniversary ears that launched a couple of weeks ago. They range in price from expensive to really expensive. But, it’s worth it right? #DisneyTakeMyMoney

Tumblers, Cups, and Mugs! Oh, my!

The new designs for this launch of drinkwear was a home run. Both mugs will make excellent sourvineers and additions to my mug wall. The water bottle and the Starbucks tumbler will also be mine! The Starbucks tumbler retails at $40 FYI…

Miscelanous Who’s It’s and What’s It’s

In addition to the new merchandise, restocks were put out of the anniversary Crocs, soap dispenser, and Popsocket Wallet! They also released a bunch of new MagicBands that were sold out by the time we got over there to take pics! Don’t worry though, they will have another restock later today.

We will continue to keep you posted with the new merchandise as the celebration kicks off on October 1st! If you want even more coverage of merchandise, head over to our Instagram now! @themeparkprofessor


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