The Sale of New Annual Passes at Walt Disney World Paused

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Tonight we have some big news from Walt Disney World. The sale of all NEW Annual passes for the Florida park has been paused!

The Walt Disney World Annual Passholder website now shows a notice at the top of the page stating the sale of NEW Annual Passes has been paused.

Effective immediately, the following passes will be temporarily unavailable:

    • Disney Incredi-Pass
    • Disney Sorcerer Pass
    • Disney Pirate Pass

This leaves the Disney Pixie Dust Pass as the only current option. At this time the $399 Pixie Dust Pass is only available to Florida residents.

Current passholders will still be able to renew into any of the four pass types and this pause only impacts new sales. Additionally, guests with an exchange certificate will continue to be able to activate their Annual Pass. Disney expects new sales for these passes may remain paused until sometime in 2022.