GKAS Podcast: Disney Winter Olympics Draft

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Game on! This week the Gold Key Adventurers Society is drafting their Winter Olympics dream teams from the rank of world-class athletes that populate our favorite Disney theme parks and movies! But first, all the week’s travel news, including face masks are back in at Universal Orlando Resort, Japanese mystery flights from a vending machine, returning home with an expired passport, returning to Disney World’s All Star Sports Resort, and weird New Year’s traditions!  Sharpen your skates and watch out for the Zamboni, it’s time to hit the trail with the Gold Key Adventurers Society!

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Our Disney World Winter Olympics teams:

Bobsled (3 man teams)

  • Heather: Big Al, Dash, Baymax

  • Jeff: Kristoff, Bob Chapek, Bob Iger

  • Jess: Maui,Michael Eisner, Pocahontas

  • Dan: Sven, Frozone, Vanellope

Couples Figure Skating (2 characters)

  • Heather: Gonzo, Camilla

  • Jeff: Mrs Incredible, Mr Incredible

  • Jess: Quasimodo, Disneyland’s Big Al

  • Dan: Tarzan, Turk

Downhill Skiing (2 character)

  • Heather: Goofy, Kylo Ren

  • Jeff: Max Goof, Herbie The Love Bug

  • Jess: Bob Chapek, Carl Frederickson

  • Dan: Chip, Dale

Freestyle Snowboard (3 character team)

  • Heather: Elsa, Sanka Kofi, Snow Trooper

  • Jeff: Olaf, Kick Buttowski, Mickey Mouse

  • Jess: Bart Simpson, Poochie, Air Bud

  • Dan: PJ, Huey Duck,Michaelangelo

Curling (4 man team)

  • Heather: King Fergus, Winnie Sanderson, Ludwig Von Drake, Swedish Chef

  • Jeff: Ursula, Angela Lansbury from Bedknobs and Broomsticks, Anna,Bo Peep

  • Jess: Cinderella, Jabba The Hutt, Abraham Lincoln, Walt Disney’s Frozen Head

  • Dan: Skipper Frank, Donald Duck, SSE Storyteller, Fantasia broom

If you’d like to send the society a message or ask a question, send an email to [email protected] or a text or voicemail to 616-378-6149, and the gang might share your message on the air!

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