Universal Orlando Harry Potter Scavenger Hunt

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We have put together a full Universal Orlando Harry Potter Scavenger hunt and some clues to help you find them all!

Now, it’s your turn to find more hidden gems throughout the Wizarding World. We have put together some clues to help you find them. An answer key is included too. Take a look at the clues and see how many you can find. Some, you may recognize right away but a few are harder to find, subtle nods to moments in the books and movies.

You can find our whole post on the Hidden Gems in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter HERE

How many of these hidden gems can you find? Be sure to take pictures and share them with us when you solve the riddles!

Here, you can print out the scavenger hunt or save the images below right to your phone.   Wizarding World of Harry Potter Scavenger Hunt

Wizarding World Hidden Gems

Hidden Gems Wizarding World


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