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To make it even easier on guests planning to visit Disneyland, we have made this Disney Genie+ printable guide to your phone! Hold down on the image below to save to your phone or click the link below it to download and print!

There is a lot of information about the new Disney Genie+ and the use of the Lightning Lanes at Disneyland. We have all of the details for you here on Theme Park Professor to make the best use of the new app and its features within it.

You can take a detailed look at the Disney Genie+ here in our complete guide: Your Complete Guide to Disney Genie+

Disneyland Printable Genie+ Guide Printable PDF

This new service is a change from the previous guest experience at the Disneyland Resort. However, it offers increased flexibility and ease of planning. This will result in guests maximizing their park time and experiencing all of those must-do attractions throughout the day.

Guests can choose to add Genie+ in advance to their vacation packages for the length of stay so that there is no need to worry about it once they are on vacation. Alternatively, it can be added daily upon arrival.

There is no longer a need to know precisely what attractions you want to do 60 days in advance. In fact, with this new service, guests decide on the morning of their park visit what they want to. If plans change for any number of reasons, it’s easy to adjust accordingly based on availability.

Also, it is essential to remember that this is an optional service, and stand-by lines will still be available. This service is designed to give guests a positive park experience by reducing time in lines and adding some fun extras. A combination of the three components may be utilized throughout your visit, in addition to your travel advisor’s guidance.

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