The Disneyland Resort is the vacation destination known for being THE original Disney park. It is filled with nostalgic attractions that have been there since the park opened but also exciting new additions. How do you see and do it all? Here, we explore Disneyland Touring Strategies designed to help you maximize your time in these theme parks.

There are many ways to explore the parks and these touring strategies are designed to assist with your planning. It is not necessary to follow them exactly, as it is important to do what works best for your travel party. They are meant to serve as a guide, with suggestions for planning your day.

You can choose how you use these touring plans too. Click on the pictures to save them directly to your phone. Alternatively, click the links to download and/or print.

Preparing For Your Visit

As you prepare for your visit, there are a few things to keep in mind about the Disneyland Resort. This is especially the case if you have not visited before or if you have previously visited the Walt Disney World Resort.

While there are many attractions at both resorts that are similar, the Disneyland Resort is much smaller. The two theme parks are right next to each other, only a few minutes’ walk away. For this reason, it truly makes sense to have a park hopper ticket when visiting. This will help you when touring the parks because it is very easy to hop between them. If you want to start your day at Disney California but end your day with fireworks at Disneyland Park, you can easily do that.

In addition, just because the parks at the Disneyland Resort are smaller does not mean they are any less magical! These parks have more magic per square inch, filled with nostalgia and fun around every turn!

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Disneyland Park

When to Arrive

To get the most out of your time at the theme parks, it is recommended that you arrive early. It’s easiest to get the most accomplished early in the day and it’s also fun to be there when the park first opens. This is often referred to as “rope drop”.

If you are not staying on-site or at one of the Good Neighbor Hotels, arriving early gives you time to park and enter the theme park.

If you are staying at one of the Disney hotels or a Good Neighbor Hotel, arriving at the park will be easy. However, it is important to leave extra time to go through security and enter the parks.

Touring Plans

The touring strategies here are good for families with children of all ages. There are a few different options depending on how long you are planning to visit the Disneyland Resort.

One-Day Touring Plan

Disneyland Park 1-day Touring Plan

This one-day touring strategy includes all the attractions at Disneyland Park. It can be modified depending on what your travel party would like to experience.

For example, if you have thrill-seekers or Star Wars fans, you may want to do things differently. The same is true if you have younger children or if your travel party prefers to avoid certain attractions.

Here are some additional tips to consider:

  • If you would like to experience Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance, you are no longer required to do so through a virtual queue. There is a standby line or you can purchase an Individual Lightning Lane return time.
  • If you plan to use the standby queue for attractions, go early in the morning or late in the evening for the shortest wait times.
  • There are many great dining options and snacks at Disneyland Park. Be sure to use the mobile order option for the shortest wait times for quick service locations. For table service meals, be sure to book those reservations starting 60 days in advance.

To download or print this touring plan, click this linkDisneyland Park 1-day touring plan

Two-Day Touring Plan

Disneyland Touring - Day 2


If you are spending more than one day at Disneyland Park, this may be the touring plan for you. While it is possible to experience many of the rides and attractions in one day, this touring strategy allows for a more relaxed approach to the park.

To download or print this touring plan, click this linkDisneyland Park 2-day touring plan

Touring with Young Children

Disneyland Park Touring with Young Children

If you are visiting the park with young children, you may want to tour the park differently compared to a party with older kids. Disneyland is a great park for young children. It’s easy to navigate and it’s a great way to experience a Disney destination in a setting that may not be as overwhelming as the bigger parks.

The touring plan included here is designed for traveling with little ones that are 40″ or smaller. While attractions with height requirements over 40″ are not included in this plan, there are a few that you may still want to experience. If that’s the case, consider using the Rider Swap option. To do this, speak with a cast member at the ride entrance.

To download or print this touring plan, click this linkDisneyland Park with Young Kids Touring Plan

Here are some additional tips to consider:

  • There are so many opportunities to meet characters at Disneyland Park. Currently, the character interactions are socially distanced for safety but they are still quite magical!
  • Young children will be able to ride almost every attraction at Disneyland Park.
  • There are additional opportunities for magic at Disneyland Park. Watch the fireworks, ride the train around the park, and take a walk through Sleeping Beauty Castle, among other things!

Disney California Adventure

When to Arrive

Like Disneyland Park, arrive early at Disney California Adventure. If you are staying at one of the on-site hotels, it’s an easy walk to the park entrance. If you are staying at Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel, you can use the exclusive entrance into Disney California Adventure.

Touring Plans

These touring plans are designed to help you plan your day and avoid going back and forth all over the park. They are a guide and it’s important to do what works best for your travel party.

One-Day Touring Plan

This touring plan is designed for guests planning to visit Disney California Adventure in one day. It includes all of the most popular attractions. There are height requirements for some of these attractions. However, Rider Swap is available if needed.

Here are some additional tips to keep in mind:

  • There are many places to see characters at Disney California Adventure. While still socially distanced, the interactions are still fun for all ages and there is such a wide variety of characters that appear throughout the park.
  • There are often festivals happening at Disney California Adventure, with various food booths and events throughout the year.
  • In addition to the rides and attractions, there are shows and activities available.
  • Be sure to check with your travel advisor for additional tips when you are planning your park day.

To download or print this touring plan, click this linkDisney California Adventure 1-day touring plan

Two-Day Touring Plan

Disney California Adventure 2-day touring

Disney California Adventure 2-day touring

A two-day touring plan is a relaxed approach to exploring Disney California Adventure. If you have more than one day at the park, this is a great approach and also leaves flexibility to revisit your favorites, park hop, or have some downtime at your resort hotel.

Some additional tips to consider:

  • Be sure to enjoy some of the seasonal entertainment that occurs throughout the year at the park. For example, the Lunar New Year includes a small parade several times a day, along with several food booths. The Disney California Adventure Food and Wine Festival is another example, with plenty of entertainment and dining to explore.
  • Check the Disneyland website or mobile app for showtimes and entertainment available throughout the day. Examples include live music, a dance party with the Guardians of the Galaxy, and more!

To download or print this touring plan, click this linkDisney California Adventure 2-day touring plan

Touring with Young Children

DCA touring with young children

At Disney California Adventure, there is plenty of fun for young children too. While there are height requirements for some of the rides and attractions, there are many things that little ones will still enjoy. Plus, if the adults or any older children want to ride those attractions, Rider Swap is a great option.

Some additional tips to consider:

  • As mentioned above, take advantage of the Rider Swap option if some of your party wants to ride an attraction but you have young children that are not tall enough.
  • There are some areas in the park designed specifically for little ones. For example, there are often craft activities available in Paradise Gardens Park.
  • Characters appear at various locations throughout the park each day. This is a fun opportunity for little ones to interact with all of their favorites!

To download or print this touring plan, click this linkDisney California Adventure with young kids touring plan


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