Disneyland Genie+ Planning Printable Tip Cards

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There are two ways to purchase Disney Genie+ – add it to your vacation package or tickets prior to your visit for the length of your stay or add it on the same day. It’s beneficial to add it to your vacation package ahead of time because it is one less thing that you will have to do the morning of your visit. In addition, it is important to become familiar with the Disneyland app and how to use it in advance.

On the day of your visit, open the Disneyland app to select your first attraction just prior to 7:00 am. Below, we explore how to prioritize the attractions. We have organized them into three categories.

  • First Priority – book these attractions at 7:00 am, as your first selection
  • Second Priority – these attractions tend to run out earlier in the day so get them sooner rather than later
  • Third Priority – these attractions often do not run out

Download Disneyland Tip Card HERE

Download Disney California Adventure Park Tip Card HERE


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