Op Ed: Why You Need to go to Halloween Horror Nights

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Op Ed: Why You Need to go to Halloween Horror Nights by Ghoul Girl Chrissy

Well, it is the end of March, and it is official! Halloween Horror Nights 31 is on sale!

 In 1991, Universal Orlando created a three-night event, “Fright Nights,” to share its love for Halloween. That first year was a huge success and expanded. With the expansion came the name change to Halloween Horror Nights! 

The following year, it expanded to 5 nights and included 2 Haunted Houses, 4 Haunted Attractions, and 5 shows. This was the first year of their famous Bill and Ted’s Excellent Halloween Adventure. For last year’s 30th Anniversary, it ran 42 nights with 10 Haunted Houses, 5 Scare Zones and 2 incredible shows: Marathon of Mayhem: Carnage Factory, and the insanely popular Halloween Nightmare Fuel. It is now their biggest event, and it draws in crowds from around the world.

Why do you need to go? Well, let’s list this out.

The Original Characters are not just pictures, but fully realized characters. Jack Schmidt, also known as Jack the Clown, first appeared in 2000. 

2001: Eddie, Jack’s brother was supposed to be the Icon, but due to 9/11, he was removed and an event with lesser gore and blood was experienced that year. Jack, though, was back.

2002: The Caretaker

2003: The Director

2005: The Storyteller

2008: Bloody Mary

2009: The Usher

2010: Fear

2011: Lady Luck

2016: Chance

These Original Characters take the event to a whole different level. You know what to expect when you run into Freddie or Jason, but what about this sweet looking Grandma? Universal Orlando gives each of these characters a frightening backstory that has you constantly peeking over your shoulder.


Yes. We are now used to full immersion experiences at Theme Parks. Whether it is Diagon Alley or Galaxy’s Edge, getting that full immersive experience is something we have come to expect. Halloween Horror Nights helped elevate the theming and sensory experience to what we expect today. I clearly remember walking through the S.S. Frightanic and you could smell sea water. There were areas where you actually felt like you were on a ship. You were in their world. That was 1998. It is still a strong memory. Last year, I was blown away by the details in their houses. The theming that Universal Orlando does is unparalleled. 



Universal has been doing this since 1991. They know what you need and what you don’t need. You just bought that expensive adult beverage, and you are now walking through a scare zone. Pay for the souvenir cup and make sure that light the bartender activated is on as you walk through. Scare-actors will see that and (try) not to cause you to spill it. Need a bite to eat? They have carts and trucks set up in just the right locations with plenty to offer everyone. The planning of the house locations, scare-zones, everything has been perfectly planned out for you to get a full experience. 


I grew up in Pittsburgh – the city where Romero invented zombies. I love going to HHN! However, this is definitely not a Disney type of night. Universal plans this with screams in mind. It is intense and can be frightening. This is not for children under 13. However, if you are looking for a super fun adults-only night, this is something you need to see! Reach out to your Key To The World Travel Agent to get this on your calendar!


I will be back with tips and treats (No tricks) to make the most of your night!


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