GKAS Podcast: Guardians of The Galaxy and EPCOT’s Future

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The Gold Key Adventure Society Podcast crew is here this week to talk about Guardians of The Galaxy and EPCOT’s future!

There are big things happening in EPCOT. The Gold Key Adventurers Society is here to break down all the new information that Disney recently shared during the Guardians of the Galaxy Cosmic Rewind press event. Let’s start with the news everyone’s been waiting for-Heather and Jeff was lucky enough to take a ride or three on the brand new coaster, and I think we need to hear all about it!

Don’t forget, the gang is trying something new this summer, and releasing the news segment and theme park segment of the show as two individual episodes. This helps spread all the great content we cover out over the week so you don’t miss us as much in between episodes, and also makes it easier to listen back to episodes in the future, without dated and irrelevant news stories. We hope. Make sure you’re subscribed to the show on Apple Podcasts or your favorite podcatcher app, and that the show is set to automatically download. And let them know what you think about the new format!

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  • EPCOT lead Imagineer talks Future World update



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