How to Experience Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Orlando

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Op-Ed: Chrissy Kiehl, Key to the World Travel. AKA: Ghoul Girl Chrissy

Hello, all my fellow ghouls and guys! My Walkers and Chainsaw fans! Here we are once again getting closer to that event that sends chills down your spine: Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Orlando! If you saw my last article, hopefully, you are really excited about getting to Florida this year to experience this massive event! I know I cannot wait!

Halloween Horror Nights Monsters Universal Orlando Resort

So, what is the best way to experience this event? It depends on how much you want to see and how big of a fan you are to the genre. In any case, I HIGHLY recommend you follow these tips:

For everyone:

Get there early! Last year, I was already in the park when the event started and was able to get in line for the Haunting of Hill House early. Getting right into a house helps if you are going to try to go at it without using the Express Pass or the RIP Tour. See the shows! They are amazing and a great way to take a break from the Houses, while still being fully immersed in all things Horror.

For the “I like (insert any 80’s Slasher Film here), but that’s about it” fan: 

Get the Express Pass! This is separate from the Express Pass you use during the day. If you are staying at a Premier Resort, the Express Pass you get with your room is NOT included. You must add it for the event. It usually starts at around $89.00 but can go up if it is a busy night. Keep in mind that you WILL still be waiting in line, but it cuts wait times in half. On super busy nights, you can see the wait times go up to 3 hours. The Express Pass is a great option to help you see more. I highly suggest you book this early as pricing will go up if the night gets busy.

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For the “I have Jason’s mask on my wall and all the slasher films from the 80’s” fan: 

Go big with the RIP Tour! Starting at $249 for Non-Private Tours. Yes, this is pricey – but don’t fear because it is worth it!  You are getting front of the line entry to each house once, VIP Entrance to the park, reserved seating at select shows, commemorative RIP Tour credential with lanyard, and access to cash bar locations throughout the park.

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For the “I Go Every Year and Love all things Horror” fan: You need all of it! 

RIP Tour and GO PRIVATE! There is a private version of the RIP Tour.  Let your travel agent know if you want this and they can call Universal to price it out for you as it varies year to year and night-to-night.

*Add on Behind the Screams: Unmasking the Horror Tour (Starting at $79.99 for 3 houses/ $129.99 for 6 houses): This is a daytime event where you can choose from a 3-house tour or a 6 house tour. This guided walking tour will give you an overview of that year’s event as well as a cool lights-on walk-through experience of some of the houses. You will get to hear how the talented Art and Design Team turns some of the scariest movies and video games into these fully realized houses. The tours themselves last from 3 to 6 hours, depending on which tour you book. You must book this in advance and tours start as early as 8:30 am. This is for the fan that wants to do the deep dive into all things Horror Nights!

Two last worthy bits of information: 

  • Take time to enjoy the food and walk through the Tribute Store! The specialty food and beverage items really add to the atmosphere!
  • Stay in a Premier Resort! This event runs into the early morning hours. The last thing you want to do is stand in line for a bus. It’s about a 5-minute walk from the gate at Universal Studios to Hard Rock Hotel.

*These add-ons are designed to give you the best experience for your evening and or following day. If you want to experience all the Houses, the minimum you need is the Express Pass. This is a very intense experience, and it is not recommended for children under 13. Please keep any health considerations in mind as there are fog and strobe effects throughout the event.

Op-Ed: Chrissy Kiehl, Key to the World Travel. AKA: Ghoul Girl Chrissy


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